Bachelorette 2014 Episode 5 Hot Mess of the Week: Andrew Poole, Obviously
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2014 Episode 5 Hot Mess of the Week: Andrew Poole, Obviously

A few weeks ago, Andrew Poole was a mere mortal who wandered around shirtless and enjoyed life like the rest of us. And when we say he "enjoyed life," we clearly mean that he spent his time watching VHS tapes of early seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette. But then? Then he met Chris Harrison and everything went to hell.

Andrew presumably sauntered into the strange and deranged land of Bachelor Mansion hoping to find love with a side of fame, but instead he was quickly cast as the show's villain. You see, Andrew made a fatal mistake when he allegedly hit on a waitress in the company of his Bachelorette brosefs (umm, only Andi Dorfman is allowed to date more than one person at a time...), and since then he's morphed from The Dude Who Mind-Cheated to The Dude Who Might Be a Racist. Which leads us to Andrew's new role as Hot Mess of the Week.

To be clear, Bachelor Nation never heard Andrew refer to Marquel Martin and Ron Worrell as "blackies," and he completely denies the fact that he used the offensive term. However, Bachelorette sweetheart / lover of birkenstock clogs, JJ O’Brien, did hear him, and considering that JJ's stint in Andi's love nest consists of being generally adorable and good natured, it seems like most people are siding with him on this one.

We'll never really know what went down on the fated night of Bachelorette 10's first Rose Ceremony, but one thing's for sure: it turned Andrew into the biggest hot mess ever. Though he handled himself pretty decently when Marquel straight-up accused him of using the word "blackies," the fact remains that there was a discussion on The Bachelorette in which the word "blackies" was brought up, and someone (aka Marquel "Cookie Monster" Martin ) was made to feel like total crap. On that note, we'd like to remind The Bachelorette contestant pool that a) it's 2014 and b) you are not aged geriatrics who can get away with this kind of behavior because you might take your racism to the grave soon.