Bachelorette 2014 Episode 5 Twitter Recap: Brian Osborne Blew It!
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2014 Episode 5 Twitter Recap: Brian Osborne Blew It!

In Episode 5 of The Bachelorette, Brian Osborne finally got some much-needed 1-on-1 time with Andi Dorfman in Marseilles. And, according to Twitter, he totally blew it. The high school basketball coach and the Dorf started their date with a movie about cooking, and then — wait for it — cooked. Coach B was totes comfy while they were sitting in the dark and not talking, but as soon as they headed into the kitchen, things between the two just got plain awkward.

Brian and Andi sauteed some frog legs (yep) in almost total silence, while the show editors kept cutting to interviews of the Bachelorette expressing her frustration that the too gentle gentleman wasn’t getting handsy and that the date was the opposite of steamy. Yes, there were loads of cooking metaphors going on, with Andi holding up a limp pepper at one point and saying “this does not look like it’s going to be a passionate affair.”

Twitter wasn’t kind to Mr. B, saying he was boring and wondering why Andi still handed him the rose. Here’s what peeps tweeted about the date:

What did you think about Andi's date with Brian? Too sad, or not that bad?

Source: Twitter

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