Bachelor 2014 Episode 5: Who Was Eliminated in Vietnam?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Episode 5: Who Was Eliminated in Vietnam?

If we were the types to pour out wine, we’d totally dump one out for our lost homie, Kelly Travis. The beautiful, brilliant, hilarious girl is still numero uno in our hearts, but for some reason, Juan Pablo Galavis was blinded by the lights of Vietnam. We miss you already, Kelly girl. But it’s fair to say that she was never going to end up with someone like Juan Pablo. It would have been a damn shame for her hilarious asides to fall into the void of language barriers for the rest of her life...

As for fellow cast-off Danielle Ronco, we have one word: Who? We don’t get why she had zero screentime until tonight’s episode, in which she reflected on… OK we actually don’t remember because we were so surprised she was talking, we forgot to pay attention to what she actually said… Sorry about that, Dani. You’re beautiful and seem sane, so you definitely never had a chance.

Soccer-loving Alli Restko also got booted out of the nest in Da Nang, and we don’t know why. She’s pretty, spunky, and likes the same sport as Juan Pablo — bringing the things she has in common with JPG to one, which is more than some of the other girls can say (cough Clare). Anyway, we don’t know anything about her, except that JPG calls her Allison and she’s gone now. Byeeeee!

As she walked away, it seemed like the girls were more upset about Kelly’s departure than they would’ve about their own. Juan Pablo told Danielle that she would find a great guy, but she knew that there wasn’t a strong connection, partially because he spent the whole freaking episode with Clare… Alli didn’t hold things together quite as well, since she pointed out that she put her life on hold to jet out there.

Want to know who’s next to fade out of Juan Pablo’s picture? Check it before he wrecks it.

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