Bachelorette 2014 Episode 6 Ratings: How Many People Tuned in For JJ’s Tantrum?
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2014 Episode 6 Ratings: How Many People Tuned in For JJ’s Tantrum?

Ah, Cody Sattler. We hardly knew ye. The bro version of Sean Lowe was sent packing on June 23 in Episode 6 of The Bachelorette, and it was all kinds of sad, but his fellow exitee JJ O'Brien may have upstaged him with his jealousy-fueled Group Date freak out. But did the viewers tune in for their seventh and eighth place exits?

Well, sort of. According to the newest rating report from TVbytheNumbers for the Season 10 ep, numbers were a bit lower than last week's outing in France — 12 percent to be exact. Coming in at a 1.5 rating in the coveted 18-49 demo, the show was a bit under the mark from Episode 5's 1.7 rating.

Now, that doesn't really qualify as a plummet, per se, but it's not a great sign, either. Especially considering that last week was also down from the prior week. In other words, only The Bachelorette diehards are interested in these midseason episodes.

We have to admit, barring Dylan Pettit's bold polygraph-probed admissions — you may want to skip the handshake with this one — and Cody's deep V-necked evening wear, this Monday was a bit of a snooze. But we are less than two weeks away from Hometown Dates and have faith that this strong remaining group will bring the drama (and the romance, of course).

Just check out the shenanigans McSalty Nick gets into next week. Are we in for a full on inter-bro blowout? We'll allow it, as long as they take their shirts off first!

Why do you think people aren't tuning in? Is it just midseason fatigue? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: TVbytheNumbers