Bachelorette 2014 Episode 6 Synopsis: Eight Gentlemen and Verona
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Bachelorette 2014 Episode 6 Synopsis: Eight Gentlemen and Verona

Besides the perk of finding love with Andi Dorfman for one of the eight fellas remaining in the Bachelorette harem, there’s always the added bonus of getting to travel around the world, making fools of themselves in different countries. That noble quest will take them to Italy on Monday’s Episode 6, and the guys are split on their goals for the stop. While some want to show their pureness of hearts, others try to beat the system that wants to expose them as lire liars.

According to ABC’s official synopsis, the Season 10 journey continues in the boot, with some seriously planned out dates. Nick Viall gets another one-on-oner with Andi, and this time he’s determined not to be a total buzzkill to show that he’s not an arrogant, smack-talker who’s in the game just to “win” Andi. They hop aboard a gondola and visit the Bridge of Sighs and St. Mark’s Square before heading to a masquerade ball. But first, Nick will have to justify his past wrongdoings to get a pass for the second act.

On the group date, Andi takes a half dozen guys (Chris Soules, Josh Murray, Marcus Grodd, Dylan Petitt, JJ O’Brien, and Brian Osborne) to Monselice, and to make things really romantic, they head to a “medieval castle where prisoners were interrogated.” Uh, were all the non-horrifyingly historic citadels taken? To get in the spirit, Andi hooks the boys up to lie detector tests. It doesn’t end well. One guy is “nervous that his big secret will be uncovered,” which were guessing is the “secret admirer” thing. Well, tough, because it definitely comes out.

Of the poor dears, ABC says that one guy hates the experience and four guys are not telling the truth, though about what, we’re in the dark. One suitor “verbally attacks the man who receives the group date rose.” But since Cody Sattler and Nick are both on 1-on-1s, we don’t know who that would be. Careful, guys, or the next stop is going to be a Kumbaya sing-along in Swahili, or something.

Andi and Cody head to Verona to write letters from the Juliet Club (you know, like in that Amanda Seyfried movie) to poor lovelorn folk, and Andi is “touched by Cody’s sweet side.” Later, they talk over a candlelit dinner, and Andi is “overwhelmed by his passionate appeal to give him a rose to continue their journey.” Does she do it?

The Rose Ceremony is rough on us, and we’re still bummed about Andi’s choice, but in the end, six guys head on to the next leg of the “journey.”

Tune in on Monday, June 23 at 8 p.m. ET/PT to catch all the Italian action.

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