Bachelor 2014 Episode 6 Synopsis: Will Juan Pablo Redeem Himself in New Zealand?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Episode 6 Synopsis: Will Juan Pablo Redeem Himself in New Zealand?

Juan Pablo Galavis is going under. Down under, that is, to New Zealand on The Bachelor Season 18’s sixth week. But after the multiple fiascos in Vietnam, will he be able to bounce back? Yeah, probably, because girls love a guy who dangles a rose and a picnic in front of them.

According to the official episode synopsis from ABC, Andi Dorfman finally gets her 1-on-1 date, when JPG takes her on a trip on a sailing ship. They hop aboard a speedboat, arrive at a “mysterious location” called “The Squeeze,” and then they have to go through some “cold, murky” waterway through “tight crevices” toward a “magical” waterfall. Um, this is the land of Lord of the Rings, so we’re going to let this date description stand, but you’re on notice, Bachelor interns. Wait, our favorite part is still to come: “Juan Pablo plans a romantic dinner for the two of them with bubbling geysers as a backdrop, but when their sexual tension is interrupted by a poorly timed geyser, will their connection fizzle?” After last week, we hope for Andi’s sake that it does.

Oh, and speaking of Clare Crawley, she “does her best to mend her connection with Juan Pablo.” Besides the fact that we don’t really think she needs to apologize for anything she did, word is “the two meet for a private picnic near a beautiful river running through the New Zealand countryside.” Honestly, we’d take a chaperone, but to each her own. ABC poses an important question, “Will Clare be successful or will she be headed home?” You can find out that answer here, if you’re into that sort of thing.

On the group date portion of the episode, JPG takes the other six ladies — Chelsie Webster, Nikki Ferrell, Renee Oteri, Cassandra Ferguson, Sharleen Joynt, and Kat Hurd — on the nerdiest date in Bachelor history. JPG takes the girls “to experience the Ogo,” whatever that means. One “homesick bachelorette finally rises to the top and makes her presence known.” Out of that group, we’d guess it was Cassandra, since she’s the youngest and most sensitive of that half-dozen, but we don’t know for sure. During the after party, they hang out at The Hobbit’s “fictional wonderland.” We hope they all come out of it with troll feet-sporting boyfriends.

To make things more stressful, “the women are shocked by a turn of events that leaves one beautiful bachelorette totally devastated.” Hmm, we’re sensing a theme here… Anyway, two more girls are told to pack their knives and go (or whatever), and the remaining six girls get to hang out in Miami with Juan Pablo after that.

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