Bachelor 2014 Episode 7 Synopsis: Private Islands and Cat Fights in Miami
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Episode 7 Synopsis: Private Islands and Cat Fights in Miami

Juan Pablo Galavis is coming home, he’s coming home, tell the world, he’s coming home. Oops, wrong show trailer… But it’s still true. On the February 17 episode of The Bachelor, our favorite fella with the sexy accent and wavering standards is heading to Miami on Monday.

With him are the final six contestants. There’s Andi Dorfman and Clare Crawley, who both got 1-on-1 dates last week in New Zealand, Nikki Ferrell, who gets a totally important 1-on-1 this week, fellow Floridian Renee Oteri, constant smiler Chelsie Webster, and Sharleen Joynt, who was crying and threatening to leave, last we saw her.

During Episode 7, Juan Pablo decides to take Nikki and Sharleen on solo dates while the rest of the gals get treated to an afternoon that doesn’t involve rolling in balls, kicking balls, or otherwise touching balls of any variety (we hope).

Bachelor 2014 Episode 7 Synopsis: Private Islands and Cat Fights in Miami
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On his 1-on-1 with Sharleen, Juan Pablo gets some hot smooch time in with his favorite kissing partner (surprise, surprise, looking away in T minus 10 seconds…). This time, it’s on a private yacht, so only the poor driver has to witness the smooching first hand. They head to a private island, but ABC’s synopsis makes us a touch nervous, since it asks, “Is love blooming or will something get in the way of this blossoming romance?” Oh, you mean like the 36 times she’s threatened to leave?

JPG’s other 1-on-1 is with Nikki, and it gets super serial when he introduces her to his whole family! They then have a picnic in the middle of the Florida Marlins stadium, and some ABC intern wants you to wonder whether it’s a “home run” or “an out.” PUNS!

On his group date, Andi, Chelsie, Clare, and Renee go to a private island (let’s hope Sharleen didn’t leave her angst there for them to step in), and both Andi and Clare “break down as they relate touching sentiments and stories.” So, Clare will tell us more about her dad, and Andi will… what? We’re excited for that part, as long as she stays out of Kat Hurd territory. ABC also hints that one girl gets the rose and “special alone time.” We hope it’s not Clare, since “special alone time” seldom goes well for her… The rest of the “jealous, seething” women head back to the hotel while the rose-getter watches some guy named Romeo Santos sing at her and Juan Pabs. Fun!

Bachelor 2014 Episode 7 Synopsis: Private Islands and Cat Fights in Miami
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Oh, but don’t worry, Nikki and the three rejected bachelorettes get into an argument, and “the situation escalates” in “one of the most explosive confrontations of the season.” Wait, our favorite part: “The deep freeze between these two ladies continues into the cocktail party, culminating in the ultimate awkward silent stand-off.” Spoiler alert, it’s Clare, as we saw in the Episode 7 promo. Nikki tells her she’s “f—ing crazy” and, well, we’ll wait and see if that’s true...

Juan Pablo cries at the Rose Ceremony when he has to eliminate the girls who aren’t getting Hometown Dates. It’s apparently so bad, he can’t stick around to raise a glass of water (he doesn’t drink) about it. Yikes.

Tune in on Monday, February 17 for all the super awkward romantic dates you can handle on ABC at 8 p.m. ET/PT

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