Bachelorette 2014 Episode 8 Ratings: Did People Tune In For Hometown Dates?
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2014 Episode 8 Ratings: Did People Tune In For Hometown Dates?

We’re in the home stretch of The Bachelorette’s tenth season — excuse the baseball metaphor; it’s Josh Murray’s fault — leaving us wondering which of Andi Dorfman’s (incredibly different) three remaining hunks she’s going to pick. Girl has her work cut out for her, and we’re certainly intrigued, but was the rest of America hooked enough to tune in for her Episode 8 Hometown Dates?

You better believe it. Whether it was Nick Viall’s sudden turn from villain to weepy family man or the aforementioned Josh’s NFL hopeful brother Aaron, something about this week’s home trips really resonated with viewers. (Let’s be real. It was Marcus Grodd’s abs.)

But really, the Andi’s quest for her future Cliff Huxtable (get it, because she’s a lawyer and hopefully one half of a power couple?) got people to tune in. The ABC show brought in 6.83 million viewers and grabbed a 1.8 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic — up an impressive 13 percent from last week’s ep. Guess everyone just really wasn’t interested until Brian Osborne and Dylan Petitt were gone — just kidding, guys, we love your adorable realness, even if Andi didn’t!

Also worth noting: In addition to the usual popularity of Hometown Dates, the episode may have seen an audience spike from people wanting to learn how the network and the show would handle former contestant Eric Hill’s death. The handsome adventurer’s tragic paragliding accident happened during the filming of this episode, and the remaining guys and Andi were informed of his passingin a heart-wrenching scene last night.

Whether you agreed or didn’t with how this moment was portrayed on TV, there’s no denying that people were watching. On a brighter note, hopefully next week’s Fantasy Suites penultimate episode will bring us a little more fun and frivolity! Let’s all tune in for the sexy stuff, shall we?

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Source: TVbytheNumbers