Bachelorette 2014 Episode 9 Synopsis: Feelings Get Real in Fantasy Suite Fiascos
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Bachelorette 2014 Episode 9 Synopsis: Feelings Get Real in Fantasy Suite Fiascos

Well, boys and girls, we finally made it — Fantasy Suite dates are upon us and we don’t know whether to jump for joy that Andi Dorfman is hopefully getting ready to reveal the love of her life or weep because our Monday night makeout fests are coming to an end. There are three men standing and only one Andi — and after next week’s episode in the Dominican Republic, we’ll be down to our final two. Eek! We’re running out of roses...

ABC released their official synopsis for the sexiest episode of the season, so let’s settle in with our rosé and talk about what to expect from the July 14 adventure with Josh Murray, Nick Viall, and Chris Soules, shall we?

First up, Nick and Andi take a helicopter ride to Saona Island where they spend the day on an uninhabited beach. That’s perfect for Nick, who wants Andi to talk to no one but him again (and maybe his mom) ever. They have a seaside dinner and Nick finally drops the feelsies bomb on Andi by recapping their relationship for her in a “creative” way. Anyone else think that’s code for another “poem?” We can’t wait to see if his “creativity” got him the Fantasy Suite key.

Date numero dos finds Josh and Andi touring Santo Domingo and playing — wait for it! — baseball with some local kiddies. J.Murrs tells Andi he lurrrvs her, but the Hotlantan keeps throwing up blockers by saying the athlete is “too good to be true.” Just get over it girl, and enjoy the goods while you got ‘em! Pass go, skip the din din, and head straight to canoodle central in your suite.

Because he’s a farmer and knows his way around the four-legged types, Andi’s date with Chris starts on horseback. After getting country, they relax with a “hot, sensual” oceanfront dinner. Um, what? We’re pretty stoked to find out what makes this dinner so scintillating. Are there oysters doing a striptease on the tabletop? Do Chris and Andi make out with pieces of stripping oysters in their mouths? Do they find new uses for forks? Oh, the possibilities.

Despite the plateful of PDA it sounds like we’re gonna get, ABC’s release hints that Andi’s relationship with Chris is a bit behind the other two — maybe they should just head straight to the Fantasy Suite and “talk” it out there?

The synopsis hints at major drama ahead, revealing that Andi “makes a stunning decision that changes the direction of her journey to find love.” Oh. My. Gawd. How can we wait until Monday?

After what is sure to be “the most dramatic Rose Ceremony of the season,” Andi takes her remaining knights in shining armor to meet her fam, who are conveniently hanging out in the D.R. Wanna know who gets to meet Hy Dorfman? Click here to see who makes it through to the finale.

What do you think is gonna go down in the Dominican? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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