Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: What Happens Tonight in Episode 3?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: What Happens Tonight in Episode 3?

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already heading into the third week of our newest reality TV reason for living, Bachelor in Paradise. The first two episodes gave us plenty of drama, so the big question is: Can ABC sustain the crazy in the weeks to come, or will the show start to fizzle faster than the contestants’ romances? What shenanigans can we expect from the third installment of Paradise?

ABC’s press release reveals that we’ll see two new Bachelorettes enter the house in tonight's August 18 ep. Reality Steve says those party crashers will be Danielle Ronco, of Juan Pablo Galavis fame, and Jackie Parr, a member of Sean Lowe’s posse of exes. Both ladies have their eye on one Bachelor in particular: Marquel Martin. It’s a cookie sandwich! Danielle takes Marquel to historic Hacienda Uayamon in Campeche, and then Jackie takes him to look at more old stuff at the Edzna Ruins.

With her drunk shamer ocupado, Michelle Money wastes no time moving on to “tall, dark, and handsome” Robert Graham. M-squared, Rob, Clare Crawley, and Zack Kalter head out on a double date. Good thing there’s plenty of ocean to spread out in, or things could get awkward…

Elise Mosca bounces back from her epic love Dylan Petitt and squeals with delight when she gets a date card from Chris Bukowski. However, the lady killer “sustains a debilitating injury that could put their date and his time in paradise in jeopardy.” According to RS, Chris hurts his knee during an ocean frolic. Man, that strip of water is seeing more action than Ben Scott. Hey-oh!.

Meanwhile, we finally get more of AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn in our lives, and hopefully their resurfacing means we’re treated to more of Ash’s brand of jelly. The duo heads out on a romantic overnight date, which pretty much means they’re getting married in capital L’s book, but according to the press release, Graham has some “reservations.” We’re betting those “reservations” probably take the shape of the seven other women in the house Graham hasn’t been allowed to make eye contact with yet.

When it comes down to the Rose Ceremony, there are eight women but only six men with roses to give, meaning two lovely ladies will have to bid adieu to the land of free booze and ocean makeout sessions forever. Who will lose out on “love?” We can’t wait to see!

Bachelor in Paradise airs tonight, August 18, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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Source: ABC, Reality Steve