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Eric Dane: “In Grey’s Anatomy, I Was Just a Piece of Meat”
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Eric Dane: “In Grey’s Anatomy, I Was Just a Piece of Meat”


As good as Grey’s Anatomy’s 11th season has been so far, there are a few essential cast members missing, and we can’t help but wish they were still on the show. One such cast member is Eric Dane, who you probably remember as Mark Sloan… or, of course, McSteamy. Since Mark is no longer with us, Eric turned to another drama: TNT’s The Last Ship.

And in a recent interview with French news outlet Programme TV, Eric talked about his Grey’s memories, and one of them had to do with how much the show tended to focus on his good looks.

“This series brought me everything,” Eric said, according to the site’s translation to English. “In Grey’s Anatomy, I was just a piece of meat.”

Not that the show meant to treat him like a peace of meat, but have you seen that bod? It’s no surprise that Mark ended up being the sex symbol of the hospital. And despite the fact that the show definitely centered a lot of scenes around a shirtless Mark Sloan, Eric says he had a positive experience.

“I loved everything in this series,” Eric said. “We did not mind me having a nickname and Grey’s Anatomy allowed me to be here to talk about my own series.”

And even though Eric has his own show now, our fingers are crossed that Mark sloan makes an appearance on the show again someday — maybe in a dream sequence or a flashback? Anything can happen on Greys, guys.

Source: Programme TV