Eric Hill’s Sister: Andi Dorfman Wrote “Thoughtful Letter” to Family
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Eric Hill’s Sister: Andi Dorfman Wrote “Thoughtful Letter” to Family

Eric Hill’s dismissal from Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette was controversial to say the least, with Bachelor Nation divided pretty evenly between villainizing Andi and defending her.

Eric’s sister, Karen Tracy, has handled the situation with grace, writing in a blog about the handsome adventurer’s exit from the series. She says that he enjoyed his time on the show and that “Eric would want his audience to enjoy the journey with him.”

Karen, one of five of recently deceased Eric’s siblings, now says Andi has reached out to the his family, sending them her condolences.

Karen told Life&Style that “Andi sent us a very thoughtful letter, all about her memories of Eric and their first date together.” Karen goes on to address criticism ABC has faced for showing Eric’s final moments on the series. “I think ABC handled the situation the best they could, and I’m fine with it,” she stated.

ABC decided not to show the rose ceremony that normally would have occurred during Eric’s final episode, opting instead to air an interview between Andi and Chris Harrison in which they chatted about Eric’s time on the show.

For those unfamiliar with what went down between the assistant district attorney and the world traveler, here are the deets: Eric told Andi he thought she was acting more like a TV actress with a “poker face” than being real with her emotions. Andi took that comment very personally, and the talk quickly turned into a heated argument.

After all that, Andi broke down in tears and told Eric to leave prior to Episode 4’s rose ceremony. Andi didn’t know at the time that that argument would be the last words she exchanged with Eric, as he died just a few weeks later in a paragliding accident.

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Source: Life&Style