Eric Hill’s Sister Talks About His Time on Bachelorette and Controversial Exit
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Eric Hill’s Sister Talks About His Time on Bachelorette and Controversial Exit

This one’s totally hard guys. Like don’t read any further if you’ve fallen in love with late Bachelorette contestant Eric Hill — as pretty much everyone has —.and just don’t want to cry anymore. Following Eric’s exit from Andi Dorfman’s season during Episode 4, Eric’s sister, Karen, wrote a blog post commemorating his life and offering her thoughts on watching her late brother on the dating show. So how is she handling seeing him live on on the small screen?

In her post on, Karen says it’s “only fitting that he is defying death in this way. My brother always thought bigger and dreamed bigger than anyone I have ever known.” From what little we can know of the man from simply watching him on television, we have to agree. At the time of his death he had visited over 100 countries, and he was involved in a project to document his travels to every country in the world.

We’re not sure how we’d handle watching someone we love on television post mortem, but she seems to handle it with grace. “I get a little tearful, but I know Eric would want his audience to enjoy the journey with him, and seeing him makes me smile.” While Eric’s last moments on The Bachelorette were a bit controversial, Karen recently sent an email to Reality Steve applauding multiple news outlets for their respectful handling of his final appearance on the show. She also mentioned that Eric had told her “he really felt terrible that he made Andi cry.”

During his final episode on The Bachelorette, Eric told Andi that his four brothers and sister Karen were some of the most important people in his life. It’s clear from Karen’s blog that the feeling was mutual. Karen admits that having a brother with the adventure bug was always a bit worrisome. “My whole life, I had braced myself for a possible call bringing bad news,” she says, considering he regularly pulled crazy stunts all over the world.

When she did get the call about his fatal paragliding accident (he lingered in a coma for two days before passing), she rushed to his side, saying, “I was happy to spend those precious last hours with him, to hold his hand, stroke his hair and tell him how much I loved him for the last time.”

What hit home the hardest for us was when she wrote, “A day after his passing, my family went to the site where Eric fell from the sky. We watched the paragliders soaring overhead and imagined Eric enjoying his last flight. We remembered a man who had lived his life to the absolute fullest. The world was just not big enough for him.”

The full article is guaranteed to make you cry. If you have a full box of tissues, and perhaps a liter of wine, you can read it here.

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Source: Karen Tracy on, Reality Steve