True Blood

Eric Is Alive on True Blood?! TV’s Best and Worst Fake-Out Deaths

While the True Blood Powers That Be remain frustratingly cryptic about exactly what Eric's fate is in Season 7, it's clear that the fan-fave vamp will be back in one form or another next season, which makes his apparent death in the Season 6 finale a classic example of a TV fake-out death.

Anyone who has watched a serialized TV drama knows what we're talking about: An episode (let's be real, normally a finale) will feature a character's dramatic "death" only for it to be later revealed that — *shock* — they're baaaack. Sometimes these non-deaths are successfully dramatic and send the show off in interesting directions, while other times they just make us roll our eyes and wonder why the writers even bothered. Only time will tell which category Eric falls into.

While we anxiously wait until next year to see how Eric's story will play out, let's take a look at some of our favorite and least favorite TV fake-out deaths. Hopefully the True Blood writers will be able to learn something from what's come before.