Eric Northman’s 5 Best True Blood Moments
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Eric Northman’s 5 Best True Blood Moments

On True Blood’s Season 6 finale, it was the best of times and the worst of times. At the climax of the episode, Warlow was staked, and in turn, all the powers of Lillith’s blood disappeared. Though it didn’t directly hurt anyone in Bon Temps, it did cause the most shocking moment of the finale: Eric Northman’s death.

While we didn’t see him fully explode, he was engulfed in flames (while completely naked — we’re talking full-frontal) and screaming before the screen cut to black. In the flash-forward six months, we didn’t see him or progeny Pam (who went to go find him earlier in the episode) so there’s a chance they could both be dead — or alive.

Either way, we have a summer without Eric ahead. To fill the void, we’ve rounded up his five best moments of the series so far, just in case we’ve seen the last of him.

His brief fatherly duties to Jessica. Season 1 was filled with many fangtastic Eric moments — ranging from his first encounter with Sookie to his many one-liners and zingers — but one of the most memorable was when Bill tried to pass Jessica off to him. After realizing she could not be tamed and was a crazy newborn vamp with no promise, he returned Jess to her maker, saying, “There are favors and there are favors.” They’ve both come so far.

Staking Russell’s lover, Talbot. In Season 3, Eric got his long-planned revenge on Russell Edgington, who murdered his entire family when he was younger. It wasn’t just a simple stake, though — he had sex with Talbot, and then staked him in the middle of it.

Eric Northman’s 5 Best True Blood Moments
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Handcuffing himself to Russell in the sun. Also in Season 3, Russell and Eric both drink Sookie’s blood and day-walk. Whilst both in the sun, Eric handcuffs himself to Russell and said they were both going to meet the sun together as the effects of her blood wore off. In a shocking turn of events, Eric sees Godric’s ghost, who tells him to make peace, so he ultimately asks Sookie to save them both.

All of his crazy sex scenes. OK, so this isn’t one moment, but how can we choose with so many options? Personally, our favorite is his snowy romp with Sookie, but there were plenty of others along the way. Here’s to hoping we haven’t seen the last of naked Eric.

The sobfest that was him releasing Pam. Though this Season 5 moment made us sob uncontrollably, it was one of the most beautiful scenes in True Blood history. We sincerely hope we never have to hear the phrase, “As your maker, I release you” ever again — one, because it is devastating, but also because it will forever remain a Pam/Eric moment to us. He did it to save her, but that doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking. Notably, much of Season 6 had Eric showing emotion (especially with Nora’s death) and compassion, but they didn’t top the release scene.

What are your favorite Eric Northman moments, Truebies? Sound off below.

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