If True Blood’s Eric Northman Is Dead, Will You Still Watch Season 7?
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If True Blood’s Eric Northman Is Dead, Will You Still Watch Season 7?

On True Blood’s Season 6 finale, a lot happened. Warlow suddenly showed off his monstrous evil side, Bill and Jason teamed up to save Sookie from him, and then suddenly (and unceremoniously), Eric Northman erupted in flames.

OK, so there’s more to the story there — when Warlow died, the effects of Lillith’s blood went with him. Since Eric was hanging out in the middle of nowhere, reading naked and vulnerable to the sun’s harsh rays, he was unable to run away. Because of that, he burst into flames and was last seen screaming before the show jumped six months ahead.

Considering that his potential death was so shocking and out-of-left-field, it’s an unsolved mystery. Though neither Eric nor Pam (who went to search for her maker) were mentioned nor seen in the flashforward, that doesn’t mean they’re both dead. They could be off vacationing together in Sweden — you never know! They’re both fan favorites, so to get rid of them without a big, bloody explosion would enrage fans and not make sense given True Blood’s history.

Since we have to wait nearly a year to find out Eric’s fate, we’ll focus on your reactions instead, Truebies. If Eric is indeed dead, will you watch Season 7? Would you tune in for closure, or is it not worth watching if Eric isn’t alive?

Vote in the reaction buttons below, and feel free to share your feelings in the comments!

08.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Alyse Whitney
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