7 Reasons Why Eric and Pam Are the Best Part of True Blood — in GIFs!
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True Blood

7 Reasons Why Eric and Pam Are the Best Part of True Blood — in GIFs!

We love True Blood for its array of sexy vamps, supes, faeries, and bloody crazy storylines, but there is one dynamic duo who really reels us in. Ever since we met Eric Northman and Pamela Swynford De Beaufort, we’ve been obsessed. Not only because they are both snarky, sex-crazed, and know how to drop the perfect one-liner, but because their friendship spans more than a century and they still manage to surprise us — even after six seasons.

To honor them (especially after the heartwarming moment in last week’s episode), we’ve rounded up seven reasons why they are the best part of True Blood — in GIFs, of course! Check them out below, then hit the comments with your favorite Eric/Pam moments!

Though they once had a physical relationship, they don’t need it to be close

 photo close1_zps86c3287c.gif

 photo close2_zps729220a3.gif

Since we met them, they’ve been an amazing team

 photo tema_zpsbd584a0a.gif

They genuinely love each other

 photo ericlovesyou_zpsf8a4a208.gif

 photo ericlovesyou2_zps405acf20.gif

They would face the True Death for each other

 photo dieforyou_zps7bbe58c1.gif

Even though Eric released Pam, they’re still together

 photo release1_zps1417ad64.gif

 photo release2_zpsa1b652ec.gif

 photo release3_zps97532236.gif

(Pause for sobbing.)

And finally, hilarious moments like this

 photo hair1_zpsbb81e7f9.gif

 photo hair2_zpse1898af7.gif

Oh, and this hair flip

 photo hairflip_zpsaa146936.gif

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