Erica Dixon Dishes Her Financial Problems With Her New Guy (VIDEO)
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Erica Dixon Dishes Her Financial Problems With Her New Guy (VIDEO)

Last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 (“The Results Are In”) introduced fans to Erica Dixon’s new love interest, O’Shea Russell. O’Shea flexed his muscles and made Erica’s friend, Karlie Redd, blush during their double date. But we soon learned that not all abs that glisten are gold — O’Shea apparently doesn’t cut in financial department.

After insisting to pay for the bill, O’Shea asked Erica to put the tab on her credit card once Karlie and her boyfriend, Yung Joc, left. In this clip that didn’t make it to air, Erica confesses that O’Shea is sweet, but expensive.

“Everybody has their little flaws and you know, you gotta deal with them,” Erica confides in Karlie, and then reveals that O’Shea’s “flaws” are “mainly financial.”

“My thing is, why aren’t you working?” she says to her friend in frustration. While Karlie clearly understands having a man that doesn’t financially supports her, Erica takes it a step further saying that she pays for all of the dates, and O’Shea gave her a converter box as a gift once — when she didn’t need it.

Karlie tells Erica that it all boils down to “d— or money,” and Erica appears to weigh her options.

“I’m used to having something to fall back on, and in this relationship, as my man, I can’t fall back on you. I’m gon’ fall,” Erica tells her friend. “It’s not all about money,” she says, but later adds, “in my case it is.”

Yikes! It seems like not having money can be a serious problem — even though, in a separate unseen clip, Erica praises O’Shea for treating her better than her ex Lil Scrappy ever did. She says that O'Shea's relationship with her daughter, Emani, is another plus.

Sounds like a pretty tough decision for Erica… even though we already know the outcome.

Do you think Erica should overlook O’Shea’s financial problems? Would you choose money or love? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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