Erica Dixon Says Lil Scrappy Didn’t Abuse Ex-Girlfriend Diamond
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Erica Dixon Says Lil Scrappy Didn’t Abuse Ex-Girlfriend Diamond

Ladies and gents, it looks like Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Lil Scrappy has quite a few women fighting for him these days. Just recently, ex-girlfriend rapper Diamond dished that Scrappy put his paws on her during their relationship and Scrappy (along with Momma Dee) fired back saying it was just a lie. Now, another Scrappy ex, Erica Dixon, is joining in saying that Diamond is making it all up to get a little “shine.”

In a recent interview with Hello Beautiful, Erica said Diamond only made the claims “because she needs a little shine.” In case you didn’t know, Diamond is currently set to appear in a new T.I.-produced reality TV show, Sisterhood of Hip Hop, due out this summer. Erica said promoting the show is ultimately Diamond’s motivation for opening up.

Why are you just now speaking about this? This was something you would never speak about at the time so why are speaking out now?” Erica questioned. “Oh you’re on a new reality show. Right… I’m not dumb by a long shot. I get it.”

Now before you say Erica can’t be too sure about what went on in Scrappy’s relationship with Diamond, Erica said she was present while the two were together, what with being the mother of Scrappy’s daughter, Emani.

“I was around when he was in a relationship with her. Diamond, you and I both know how that relationship went and things that went on … You don’t have to fabricate anything to make yourself look a certain way.” She later added: “You get into little arguments and spats with your dude, but him just being outright abusive? I’m sorry. I was there before you and after

you. Did I miss something?”

Hmm… the plot is thickening guys and we don’t know what to make of it.

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Source: Hello Beautiful