Erica Jean Says Iyanla Vanzant Didn’t “Fix” Anything With Baby Daddy Saigon
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Erica Jean Says Iyanla Vanzant Didn’t “Fix” Anything With Baby Daddy Saigon

For months we’ve been telling you that Love and Hip Hop Season 4 newbies Saigon and his baby mama, Erica Jean, were coming back to TV to tackle their co-parenting issues on the Season 4 premiere of Iyanla: Fix My Life. Since the taping, Saigon’s said that things have gotten better, but since the show’s airing on May 9, Erica’s speaking out and recently told The Jasmine Brand that nothing was fixed.

“It was the opposite of what I thought it would be,” Erica said, later adding, “I think that it was a very one-sided show and I think that Saigon manipulated Iyanla for whatever reason to kind of put it on me."

Erica went on to describe her experience as “a complete turnaround” with Iyanla and Saigon “roasting me the whole entire show.” Erica said she understood that at times Iyanla was trying to help, “but a lot of things I think was inappropriate like bringing up plastic surgery, just things that didn’t have anything to do with me and Saigon’s relationship or me being a good mother.”

To make matter worse, Erica said their appearance on the show made the situation go from bad to worse.

“After the show I took him to court so I think he was very upset about that. Saigon is always welcome to see his child, he just doesn’t want to. He’s not involved. He hasn’t seen our son since the show and that was in January and his excuse to not see his son is because I’m just some horrible person that he doesn’t want to be around,” But Erica shrugs off the excuse, saying “It’s not me, it’s him.”

Yikes! We really did hope that Iyanla would be able to help this explosive couple, but it looks like these two need some extensive therapy in order to work out the kinks for the welfare of their son.

Do you think Erica Jean and Saigon will ever get it together to co-parent their little boy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The Jasmine Brand

05.19.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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