Erica Mena Blames Rich Dollaz For Her Feud With Peter Gunz — Exclusive
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Erica Mena Blames Rich Dollaz For Her Feud With Peter Gunz — Exclusive

In case you haven’t already heard, Love & Hip Hop Season 4 stars Erica Mena and Peter Gunz have turned the other cheek and made amends. When Wetpaint Entertainment sat in for the taping in December, we saw Peter and Erica exchange an apology or two, which was unfortunately cut from the reunion show airing. In a recent chat, Erica told us that she and Peter were able to talk it out afterwards and that they realized her ex, Rich Dollaz, was the mastermind behind their heated rivalry.

“A lot of things surfaced as far as the truth of things,” Erica told us about her conversation with Peter. “And the reason why me and Peter initially had it out was because Rich Dollaz was saying things in [Peter’s] head and then coming back to me saying Peter said things about me, then crying to his mother about me. He just definitely started that b**ch triangle between me and Peter.”

Behind the scenes at the reunion show, Mo’Nique asked Erica and Peter to take a moment to get their feelings out. Peter apologized to Erica and told her that he should’ve had more respect for her. As he’s very familiar with Erica’s baby daddy, Raul Conde of Terror Squad, he said that he would never want Raul to disrespect the mother of his children the way he disrespected Erica on TV, and for that he was sorry. Erica also apologized to Peter, saying that she understood that Rich pitted the two of them against each other.

“I apologized to him ‘cause I should’ve known as a female that Rich is a bonafide bitch and I should’ve noticed the bitchiness he was stirring up and I didn’t,” she exclusively told us. “And also because I never gave [Peter] the opportunity to say much because I was so adamant [about] whatever was said [by Rich]. I just thought [Peter] was a piece s—”.

“We kinda realized that his little ass was basically trying to play us against each other,” Erica said about their post-reunion talk. “Rich’s intention from the rip was to set it up that way.”

Erica and Peter settling their differences is a sigh of relief to all of us — and in particular for Peter’s wife, Amina Buddafly. She told us exclusively back in January that she really liked Erica — even saying she “was the most supportive” of her during the premiere party — but that she held back on a friendship because of the feud with Peter. Now, the ladies are able be friends and have recently hung out together. In fact, Erica wants to throw Amina, who revealed she was pregnant during last night’s reunion show, a baby shower!

“I’ve always had a weird soft spot for Amina. She’s a really good girl, I like talking to her, me and Cyn really like her,” Erica said. “She’s really calm… and that kind of energy is rare to find, let alone for being in an industry as long as she has, so I give it up to Amina. We definitely hung out and hopefully she writes me a song. I don’t know what Peter will think!” she joked.

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