Are Erica Mena and Cyn Santana Still Together? Erica Confuses Fans on Twitter
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Are Erica Mena and Cyn Santana Still Together? Erica Confuses Fans on Twitter

The rumor mill has been pretty busy as of late, and its latest target has been Love & Hip Hop veteran Erica Mena. A while back, many speculated that the aspiring singer and model had been stepping out on her hot model girlfriend, Cyn Santana, with another woman. Erica later slammed the rumors, but now there’s a new rumblings that Erica may be involved with rapper Shad “Bow Wow” Moss.

The speculations, of course, are all due to the fact that Erica and Shad have been spending a lot of time together, in part to Erica’s frequent guest hosting with Shad on BET’s 106 & Park. There’s also the Valentine’s Day smooch they shared after Shad revealed Erica was supposed to play his love interest in his movie, Lottery Ticket, before she was replaced by Teairra Mari.

Well, it appears the speculations got to Erica, who took to Twitter to either quash them or add more fuel to the fire. On August 12, the reality star took to Twitter to say, “Great things come to a End! Everything happens for a reason. That's why you MUST Live! & LOVE !! I'm So Happy and I have you all! #MENAArmy.” Of course, this caused a lot of fans to go stir crazy, and the video vixen hopped back on in the morning hours of August 13 with several more tweets to clarify.

“You never know why things happen in life. You Will Never Know Why You Feel The Way You Do! You Do Know What Makes You Happy!” she tweeted, followed by, “Finally I can live in my glory. I know with all of me I'm happy now only because I let A LOT go! And with that came growth and REAL LOVE,” and “I Love LOVE! So I will never stop loving when my heart tells me too. I will stop showing the world Who I Love so that I can protect it [heart] IT.”

Erica then went on to tweet, “I'm lucky I loved an amazin girl. Y'all know I'm not stupid I'm lucky because we had The Best Time Ever! I loved #HER and Now y'all Love US!” adding, “We are both happy and one thing that is for I know Cyn is focus and ready to take on the world. She young and has amazing things coming,” and finally, “I guess my mouth is reckless! I told you guys a little too much huh I can't either but hey my thoughts become things.”

It sounds to us like Erica is saying that she’s keeping her relationship with Cyn under wraps (and off social media) in an attempt to protect it, however, when she mentions Cyn it’s in the past tense, as if they’re not together anymore and are happy separately.

Though we’re not entirely convinced that Erica and Shad are together, we’re confused what to make of her tweets about Cyn. Guess we’ll just have to wait to see what the couple are up to when Love & Hip Hop Season 5 premieres.

Do you think Erica and Cyn have called it quits? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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