Erica Mena Slams Media Amid Rumors of Her Cheating on Cyn Santana!
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Erica Mena Slams Media Amid Rumors of Her Cheating on Cyn Santana!

Love & Hip Hop may be on hiatus, but the drama never stops and this time it’s surrounding feisty star Erica Mena. Several media outlets are reporting from a “source” that Erica has been cheating on her girlfriend, Cyn Santana, and Erica’s not — for lack of a better word — pleased.

“F— the media,” Erica posted to Instagram on Friday, February 21. Erica went on to caption the post with “You bloggers ALWAYS making up some bulls— and running with it. But hey I guess it's easy to fool fools!”

So just what is this salacious rumor? A source is claiming that Erica is still cheating on our girl Cyn, this time with both a guy and a girl. The unnamed source goes on to say that Erica is hiding this from the public to keep up pretences that she’s being faithful, while Cyn is being naïve about it all.

Frankly, it’s hard to believe there’s any truth to this rumor. Erica was pretty open about her infidelities during Season 4 of Love & Hip Hop. Furthermore, when Erica spoke with Wetpaint Entertainment earlier this month about her relationship with Cyn, she told us it looked like they were in it “for the long run.” She even told us that they were planning on moving in together!

We’re in the process of signing papers, and moving in, so we’re in the process of taking the next step,” she revealed.

Until Erica or Cyn confirms any of this messy story, we’re going to keep our fingers crossed that it’s not true and wish these gals the best!

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