Erica Pinkett Thinks Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon “Aren’t Finished”
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Erica Pinkett Thinks Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon “Aren’t Finished”

It was revealed that Lil Scrappy had quite the eggs in his basket during Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Reunion Show Part 1, when his ex-fianceé, Erica Dixon, dropped a major bombshell. According to Erica, she and Scrappy hooked up not once, but twice, while he was involved with his new lady, Bambi. And while Scrappy denied it all, the lie-detector test proved otherwise.

In a new web exclusive, the other Erica in Scrappy’s life, aka Erica Pinkett, dished that she thought Erica and Scrappy’s fling proved they’re still not over one another, and possibly hurt Bambi in the process.

“Bambi and I never had a formal conversation. As much as she try to play cool and give the proper answer, I know she was affected by some of the things she heard today on the show,” Pinky said, adding, “I do believe Erica and Scrappy aren’t finished.”

Pinky went on to say that she thinks that Scrappy acts the way he does with women — in her case, texting her affirmations of love — because, “he’s afraid of being alone”

When all is said and done, however, Erica said she thought that Scrappy needed to break the cycle of his wandering ways, and should probably do that with Bambi.

“And if he’s really in love with Bambi,” she started, “I think that should be a great place to start to mend the cycle that you’ve been continuing for so long.”

Interestingly enough, Scrappy took to Instagram just a day after the airing of the episode to proclaim that Bambi was his one and only, no matter whoever people think he should really be with.

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