Erika Christensen on Swimfan and Her Most Starstruck Moment


Erika Christensen on Swimfan and Her Most Starstruck Moment


When you think of actress Erika Christensen, you may think of Parenthood or Traffic, but let’s be honest — you also think of 2002’s totally memorable, Swimfan. To this day, the early aughts’ teen thriller remains a cultural reference… but what does its star think of it now?


Erika was at the Wetpaint offices recently to talk about her new partnership with Lean Cuisine, and we couldn’t help but ask the now 32-year-old about the movie, which featured her as high school seductress turned Fatal Attraction-esque stalker, Madison Bell. The role was one of Erika’s first, and while it may not have garnered the critical acclaim her part in 2001’s Traffic did, it definitely made its mark...


Speaking of Traffic, Erika also reminisced about that award-winning breakout gig —  directed by none other than Steven Soderbergh — and her experience on the intense film’s set is pretty surprising!


All that in the video above. Plus, find out what A-list co-stars left her most starstruck. Watch the clip to get the scoop!