Erin Andrews Responds to Rumors of “Diva” Behavior on Dancing With the Stars
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Erin Andrews Responds to Rumors of “Diva” Behavior on Dancing With the Stars

It’s not very "diva"-like to worry that people think you’re a diva, and ask if there’s anything you can do to improve. So now we have even less faith in the unnamed “insiders” who snarked that new Dancing With the Stars co-host Erin Andrews is bossy, arrogant, and disliked on set.

"I've got to be honest,” Erin told TV Guide of the rumors, “It kind of got me worried and scared... I just went back and forth with the producers like, 'Are we good here? Please tell me what I need to work on. Please tell me what I need to do.’ And they're like, 'We couldn't be happier.'"

The DWTS Season 10 finalist, who was hired to replace Brooke Burke-Charvet, said she’s also been supported by the pros. "They're kind of the vets and I wanted to do well by them," Erin said. "So as long as I have people like that saying, 'Great job,' and the executives ... I guess I'm [all right]. But I'm not going to lie, I buy a lot of those magazines that are saying that stuff. And I'm like, wait, this stuff isn't true? ... My boyfriend and my family have said all along, 'Stop reading it.' They're right."

Erin said she’s her own toughest critic, and even if the cast/crew have given her the thumbs-up, she still wants to get better. “Actually, after the first show, I was kind of down on myself because I felt like maybe I was a little aggressive, looking for answers right away and [asking] how people felt.”

That’s the job, though — the whole point of going up those stairs to the Skybox/Celebriquarium is to process and react to what happened in the video package, on the dance floor, and at the judges’ table. DWTS has gotten some great candid moments from the couples during those little interviews and you never know when you’re going to strike gold.

Erin is still finding her way, but she seems to be on the right track. Just keep the focus on the celebs and pros (but mostly the pros) and the job is 99 percent done!

DWTS Season 18 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: TV Guide