Erin Andrews Scores a New Job — What About DWTS?
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Erin Andrews Scores a New Job — What About DWTS?

UPDATE: On July 15, Erin confirmed to ABC News she'll still make time for DWTS, even with this new Fox Sports gig. "I am going to have time for Dancing with the Stars. That was all part of our negotiations with them. In February when they came to us, I kind of hinted when I took the job, I was going to be on the Michael Strahan program, now more so than ever. He works crazy hours on Sunday, I'll be doing the same thing. I'm literally going to be going from the football field to the ballroom just like 'Stra,' he goes from the studio in New York to his show with Kelly Ripa."

Original story (7/14/14):

What a great year this has turned out to be for Erin Andrews.

The Dancing With the Stars Season 10 finalist joined DWTS as co-host this past spring, then she celebrated her boyfriend’s Stanley Cup win, and now she just got a promotion from Fox Sports. According to Sports Illustrated, Erin will replace Pam Oliver as Fox’s top NFL sideline reporter, joining the team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

Pam, 53, had been “the female face” of Fox’s sports operation for the past 19 years, but she didn’t have any criticism for the woman taking her place. "I think Erin is solid,” Pam said. “They have made a determination and it just happened to be with a position I had held for almost 20 years. It’s not necessary to feel something [bad] toward the person who is assuming your formal role. You just understand that they have changed. [...] For people to pit us against each other is not necessary and not going to get far if the two of us don’t participate."

Sports Illustrated had its own take on why Erin was given the new role:

“Clearly, Fox has a lot invested in Andrews, 36, and the network has long been smitten by talent who cross over to popular culture platforms, as Andrews has with Dancing With The Stars. The same is true for Terry Bradshaw and Michael Strahan. Bumping her up to the No. 1 NFL team fulltime will put her in more homes and, executives no doubt believe, give her games a bigger feel. Will it improve the broadcast? Time will tell.”

What does it mean for DWTS? Erin joined the show as co-host in Season 18, replacing Brooke Burke-Charvet. Erin was already doing her Fox gig when she re-joined DWTS, and back in February, she told People, "When they approached me, I really didn't even know if it was going to be possible because I'm fully committed to Fox Sports. That's my love.” But she had some conversations with her bosses and talks with Michael Strahan, who does double duty with Fox Sports and Live! With Michael and Kelly, and figured she could do both.

So, until further notice, we’ll assume Erin is still on board for the fall DWTS Season 19 and just balancing two great jobs (and one really hot boyfriend).

Congrats, Erin!

DWTS Season 19 premieres this fall on ABC.

Source: Sports Illustrated