Erin Andrews Wants to “Bring a Cat Deeley Kind of Vibe” to Dancing With the Stars
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Dancing With The Stars

Erin Andrews Wants to “Bring a Cat Deeley Kind of Vibe” to Dancing With the Stars

Erin Andrews knows it’s going to be tough for her to replace Brooke Burke-Charvet as Dancing With the Stars co-host. She told People she doesn’t blame fans for their strong reactions to the unexpected switcheroo.

"I know that I have huge shoes to fill,” Erin said. She added that Brooke was “so caring and so fantastic” to her when she competed on Season 10. Erin wants to emulate Brooke and use her for guidance, but there’s another host out there she’d like to follow.

Erin said her style role model is Cat Deeley of So You Think You Can Dance, which is kind of like DWTS’s cousin show. They’ve given us a lot of pro dancers and some of our pros have choreographed for their routines. Erin was a guest judge on SYTYCD, and she and Cat already share a few things in common as tall, witty, beautiful blondes in their mid-30s.

"She brings a hipness,” Erin added to People. “She brings a funkiness. And I also respect that there is a sort of traditional sense when it comes to the ballroom. I hope to bring a Cat Deeley kind of vibe and also respect all of the traditions of the ballroom."

DWTS has taken a hit in the ratings since The Voice arrived as competition, and some of the changes for Season 18 — including a new band — may be an attempt to reach a new (hip, funky, younger?) audience.

Erin isn’t exactly a stranger to the ballroom and she can empathize with contestants in a way maybe Brooke couldn’t, since Brooke won her season and Erin struggled a bit more before taking third. Erin has also stayed close with her pro partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and she told People she texted Maks about her return. “He was saying, 'Wow, it's coming full circle for you.'"

We’ll see Erin’s full circle in action starting this coming Tuesday, March 4 when the cast of Season 18 is revealed.

Are you ready to welcome Erin back into the fold or are you upset about the changes?

Source: People