Eva Longoria Splits With Ready for Love’s Ernesto Arguello
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Eva Longoria Splits With Ready for Love’s Ernesto Arguello

Eva Longoria and Ernesto Arguello may not be ready for love anymore — at least, not with each other.

TMZ broke the news that the 38-year-old Desperate Housewives alum and her NBC dating show boyfriend split this week after canoodling for a few months, and People confirms that Eva and Ernesto are indeed dunzo.

The couple was in Spain just a couple of weeks ago, but apparently they've decided their disparate lifestyles didn't work together.

People's source explained the reason for the split, saying "Eva is hard at work producing in Los Angeles, and Ernesto's work is based out of Honduras and Panama, which made their schedules difficult to coordinate. They remain very good friends and adore each other through it all."

In July, Eva confirmed she was dating 34-year-old Ernesto, who was cast on the short-lived TV show Ready for Love, which Eva produced. They started as friends but when rumors emerged that they were dating, they took it as a sign to come together. In fact, it got so serious, that rumors flew that they were possibly headed for marriage.

But while this seems pretty set in something, we haven't heard the words out of Eva or Ernesto's mouths just yet. After all, the source says they remain good friends, so we'd say before you start trying to get in on that, it sounds like they may not be over over.

Then again, Eva may want to use this time to feed that George Clooney rumor. They started as “friends” too...

Source: People