Emma Roberts Didn’t Tell Family About Engagement to Evan Peters!
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Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts Didn’t Tell Family About Engagement to Evan Peters!

We don’t know about you, but we were pretty surprised to hear Emma Roberts, 22, and her 26-year-old boyfriend Evan Peters were engaged. Well, apparently we weren’t the only ones blindsided by that betrothal!

When TMZ cameras caught up with Emma’s stepmom, Eliza Roberts, and her grandma Lila Garrett outside Il Buco in Beverly Hills, they seemed a little confused about why the paparazzo was congratulating them. While Eliza seemed to be clued in on Emma and Evan’s impending nuptials, poor grandma Lila appears to be blindsided by the news!

Though clearly Emma hasn’t had a big sitdown with the extended family just yet, Eliza offered a supportive opinion of the engagement. “If she’s happy we’re happy,” she told TMZ repeatedly.

When pressed to comment on whether Emma’s young age worried her, Eliza brushed off any concern, remarking. “Some very lasting marriages have started very young.” Well, let’s just hope these two have worked through all of their past issues. Last July, the couple had a dispute that ended with Evan’s nose bloodied and Emma’s hands in cuffs.

Well, we’re glad to see Emma’s family is on board, even if some of them only just caught up to the train.

Source: TMZ