Credit: Instagram Photo: Evelyn Lozada in Workout Gear

Yesterday we told you that Evelyn Lozada’s return to Basketball Wives was unlikely, especially since the hit VH1 series hasn’t even been renewed for a sixth season yet, but how does the gorgeous expectant mama feel about starring in her very own spin-off?

When omg! INSIDER asked the gorgeous reality star if she would entertain the possibility of a spin-off, noting that a solo show could focus on Evelyn’s role as mom to her second child, due in March, she seemed totally up for it. “I would,” she quickly declared.

Even though Ev has little desire to go back to Basketball Wives drama now that she’s pregnant with Carl Crawford’s baby, she’s hardly turning on the medium that made her so famous. “Reality TV, even though there’s a lot of negativity, it’s been more positive for me. I was able to do a lot of things because of the show,” she explains. “I’m not one of those people that just bashes it when it’s done, no. Thank god for Shaunie [O’Neal, her BW co-star]. I sometimes call her and I’m like ‘I blame you for my life being so crazy!’ but at the same time you have to learn how to make the most of it. I was able to put my daughter through college because of it so I’ve been very blessed because of it.”

It’s refreshing to see that Evelyn actually appreciates her reality TV start, especially since some gals are quick to forget where they came from and why people know who they are in the first place. And while a season of Basketball Wives without Evelyn seems like a waste of a reality show, we’re really intrigued at the idea of a spin-off for her, especially if it means getting to see how she raises her new kiddo!

Would you watch an Evelyn Lozada spin-off, or is she more suited for Basketball Wives? Tell us your thoughts below!