Credit: Photo via Instagram

About a month ago Evelyn Lozada released her workout DVD, Real Fit Female. After it was released, some fans noticed that the reality personality had gained weight, and even slammed the Basketball Wives star for her less than stellar physique. And though we didn’t know it at the time, Ev was actually three months pregnant when the DVD was filmed!

She opened up to omg! INSIDER about the experience, letting her haters know what's up! When Ev first saw the DVD herself she noted that she looked a little heavier than usual, but obviously knew the reason why. As for the haters?  Ev has a message for them! “Wait until this baby comes out. Little do you know I was almost three months pregnant, in wedge sneakers, working out my abs. Booyah! I did that while I was pregnant, kudos to me!”

As they say, haters to the left. We re-watched a trailer for Evelyn’s ab DVD and she looks pretty flawless to us. Now that we know she was about three months pregnant at the time, we’re even more impressed with what she’s done.

We also love how calmly and rationally Evelyn deals with her critics. Instead of ranting on Twitter, she opted to wait a few more months and let her baby bump speak for itself. She had a similar attitude when some people slammed her for being too old to get pregnant and have a child. More power to her!

Did you have an inkling that Evelyn was pregnant after seeing her workout DVDs, or was the pregnancy a surprise to you? Weigh in below!