Pretty Little Liars: Every Unanswered Question From The Past 4 Seasons
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars: Every Unanswered Question From The Past 4 Seasons

We were promised answers this season on Pretty Little Liars, and frankly, Season 4 has only added more questions to our list! Sure, Mona spilled some major details in the Season 4 premiere when she recruited Toby, Shana and Jenna’s connection, the Queen of Heart’s identity (or, identities) but we’re still missing some giant pieces to this Rosewood puzzle.

In fact, with every pseudo-answer we get, it seems like we have two more questions. So, presented without commentary, here is every question that’s gone unanswered since Season 1. (Can someone please explain how we still don’t know who pushed Ian off the bell tower?)

  • Who is "A"?
  • Is Ali really dead?
  • If so, who killed Ali?
  • And why did he/she kill her?
  • If not, where is Ali?
  • And why would Ali fake her own death?
  • What happened the night Ali died/disappeared?
  • Who is Ali’s beach hottie?
  • Does Ali have a twin?
  • Who was staying in the DiLaurentis’s crawl space?
  • And why doesn’t Mrs. DiLauretis care?
  • What happened to Toby’s mom?
  • Who is Red Coat?
  • Who actually killed Wilden?
  • Whose side is Mona actually on?
  • Who actually pushed Ian off the bell tower?
  • Why was Jason injured at the start of the Season 3 winter season?
  • Where is Jason?
  • Why was CeCe so apparently frightened of Wilden?
  • Where is CeCe?
  • What is Jenna/Shana/Melissa's relationship to Wilden?
  • Why did they save him after Ashley hit him with her car?
  • What is up with Jenna?
  • Who almost killed Jenna?
  • Why did Red Coat save the Liars from the fire?
  • Who knocked Toby out and gave him the compass?
  • Why did he/she give him Nigel’s compass?
  • What exactly is on Page 5?
  • Where is Noel Kahn?
  • What's the deal with Spencer's dad? The broken hockey stick?
  • Why did Jason have his house all papered up?
  • Who was he hiding there?
  • Who did Jason give the reward money for info on Ali's body to?
  • Why did the "A" team steal Ali's body?
  • Who dug up Ali’s grave?
  • Why did they give Ali’s body back?
  • Who was Nigel calling in NYC?
  • Why was Ali calling Cicero College?
  • Was it definitely CeCe’s phone at the sorority house?
  • What is the deal with Grunwald?
  • What is Ravenswood’s big mystery?
  • Why did Ali pretend to be other people?
  • We know Melissa thinks she's protecting Spencer, but from who?
  • How did Melissa’s involvement in this all start?
  • What's the deal with the "A" who attacked Ali in the first Halloween episode?
  • Who smashed Connor's car?
  • Where is Holden?
  • Why did Aria just stop looking for him after kissing Jake?
  • Where is Lucas?
  • Who was Wren drawing in red coat in Season 4, Episode 10 (“The Mirror Has Three Faces”)?
  • Why is Wren so sketchy? Is he on the “A” team?
  • Why does Hanna have a stalker all of the sudden?
  • What kind of game were Ali and CeCe playing?
  • Where is Tippi the parrot?

Did we miss any unanswered questions, Pretty Little Liars fans? Hit the comments with your questions, and we'll be sure to add them to our list.

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