“Everything So Bright & Shiny in Dallas” Quotes From Most Eligible Dallas Season 1, Episode 8

Most Eligible Dallas

“Everything So Bright & Shiny in Dallas” Quotes From Most Eligible Dallas Season 1, Episode 8

It’s the season finale of Most Eligible Dallas, ya’ll — and these cowgals and cowboys went out with a bang! Check out the top 10 quotes from season 1, episode 8 — though Courtney and Matt were too busy making out to talk much. Round ‘em up, stans!

10. Random salon person: “Floating’s huge in Europe.”
Then it has no place in Dallas.

9. Tara describes her ultimate fantasy: “I saw a Jetson’s episode where literally a face came down and went on her face before she was able to put her face on for the day and I was like, ‘why haven’t they invented that?’”
Seriously, does anyone have a clue what she’s talking about?

8. Tara fears Jody: “Like, you could honestly be serial killing me right now.”
We had this guy pegged as a serial killer from the moment his soul patch walked into that nail salon.

7. Daylon asks Tara about her romantic date: “Tara, did you get a full service at the gas station?”
The thought of Jody giving anyone a full service makes us queasy.

6. Courtney reflects on her make out session with Matt: “I’m starting to believe that friends make the best lovers.”
Just ask Monica and Chandler.

5. Daylon mocks Tara’s date: “She got a lube job and dinner at the same time.”
That combo sounds delish.

4. Tara calls Daylon on her date: “I kid you not. You walk past the Funyuns to your table.”
Seriously, what is this girl complaining about? That sounds amazing.

3. Courtney panics: “Okay, so she’s joking that we can only have one glass of wine, right?”
Floating in a pile of salt is only fun if you’re wasted.

2. Drew cries on the phone to Tara: “I’m in the Porsche, I can get there fast.”
Even when hysterical and heartbroken, Drew is able to reference his sweet ride.

1. Courtney makes an observation: “Everything’s so bright and shiny in Dallas.”
Congrats Court, you graduated from 5th Grade!

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