Watch Evolve Together’s Hilarious PSA For Gun Safety (VIDEO)
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Watch Evolve Together’s Hilarious PSA For Gun Safety (VIDEO)

A recent public service announcement created by the nonprofit group, Evolve Together, uses a hilarious stand-in for guns. Trust us, you won’t look at gun safety ads the same again!

In the PSA, a mother picks up her son during a playdate at another boy’s home. After she asks the other mom if her son behaved himself during his playdate (he did), the two women stand together on the front porch as they watch their sons play.

While it looks like the two boys might be having a spirited lightsaber battle, or maybe an old-fashioned pirate sword fight, the moms — and the audience — soon realize that the boys are actually battling with large, vibrating, sex toys. Mortified, the women stare off into awkward silence.

The video — which aired on YouTube on June 25 and has since gone completely viral — then displays the tagline, “Play things: kids find everything. Their play things...and yours. Have a gun? Lock it up.”

According to Evolve Together’s website, their mission is to effect cultural change about how America views gun safety. While they acknowledge that they have an uphill battle, and that they can’t “do it overnight,” they urge the public to “Take on the Code” in order to prevent another tragic school shooting.

We have to admit, this different approach certainly got our attention.

What do you think, is humour a useful weapon in the battle for gun safety or are some things just not funny?

Source: Evolve Together

07.8.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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