Juan Pablo Galavis: My Ex Didn’t Like That I Already Had Kids
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis: My Ex Didn’t Like That I Already Had Kids

Any time a guy on the Bachelor or Bachelorette has a kid, his attractiveness level shoots up tenfold. A hot contestant is cool. But a hot contestant who also has an adorable kid? Be still our beating hearts.

There are about a billion reasons to be madly in love with 2014 Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis. But let’s be real: His four-year-old daughter, Camila, raises the Latin heartthrob’s stock even more.

Well, to some women at least. Juan Pablo recently told Access Hollywood that having a child has made dating a lot harder for him. He mentions one ex-girlfriend in particular who struggled with the fact JPG had already put a baby in another woman.

“I dated one person after I [ended things] with Camila’s mom, Carla. She was fine. She loved my daughter,” he says. “But there was something inside of her that would tell her, ‘You’re not gonna give me my first son.’ On her side. It’s something that I understand.”

That’s one of the things Juan Pablo liked about going on The Bachelor. All of the women came into the situation knowing that he has a child. They knew what they were getting into from the start: a relationship with both Juan Pablo and Camilla.

“I took the chance. I knew that 25 are gonna be there. They knew what I was. They knew what I want. So hopefully they came for that reason,” he says.

So will Juan Pablo find true love in the end? Which contestant does he end up with? If you want to read the spoilers, we’ve got them.

Source: Access Hollywood

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