Does Excessive Weight Gain in Pregnancy Lead to Autism?
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Does Excessive Weight Gain in Pregnancy Lead to Autism?

Pregnancy: a dietary free-for-all where you can finally chow down on endless breadsticks and stuffed-crust pizza. Expectant mothers have the pleasure of eating for two, which means they can pack on extra calories without any consequences. Or can they…?

A new study from University of Utah shows a link between excessive weight gain during pregnancy and autism spectrum disorders. The study tracks the prevalence of children with ASD and the extra weight their mothers gained before and during pregnancy, and found "the risk of autism spectrum disorder associated with a modest yet consistent increase in pregnancy weight gain suggests that pregnancy weight gain may serve as an important marker for autism’s underlying gestational etiology."

Or, in layman's terms, autism and pregnancy weight gain are linked.

Before you throw your bucket of chicken wings across the room in a panic, keep in mind that doctors aren't recommending that women change their diets based on the study's results.

"These findings suggest that weight gain during pregnancy is not the cause of ASD but rather may reflect an underlying process that it shares with autism spectrum disorders, such as abnormal hormone levels or inflammation," Dr. Deborah A. Bilder explains.

What do you think, pregnant ladies? Sure, vast amounts of pizza won't necessarily cause your child to have autism, but will you watch your weight in light of this information? Weigh in below!

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10.28.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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