Exclusive: ANTM’s Former Bad Girl Alexandria Explains Her Sudden Personality Change in Cycle 17
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America's Next Top Model

Exclusive: ANTM’s Former Bad Girl Alexandria Explains Her Sudden Personality Change in Cycle 17

California girl Alexandria Everett was the latest All-Star to exit the whimsical world of Tyra Banks last night on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17, Episode 8, but it sounds to us like she couldn’t be happier. In our exclusive Wetpaint Entertainment exit interview, Alexandria tells us how appearing on Cycle 16 caused some trouble for her this time around, why she decided to balance out some of her infamous toughness this season, and gives us updates on all her favorite former housemates.

You seemed a lot more subdued this season. What was with the change?
I’ve just taken a whole new approach this season, because of last season. I went into a house of girls that were so professional and very much like what I was used to in the professional world of modeling that I was in previous to Cycle 16. I was very at home, because it was like living in a model house in New York City for Fashion Week, which I had done previous to both cycles. I didn’t feel the need to be like last season. I didn’t need to push or help or do anything to anyone. Everybody was very to their point and it was awesome. I had a great experience and I love all of the girls, and all of the girls from Cycle 16. Everybody was there for a reason, and we all knew that, and we were all professional.

You mentioned in the beginning of the season that you wanted to change people's perception of you. Do you think you accomplished that?
Yes and no. I didn’t want to change everyone’s perception. Just a few, I would say, had a perception of me in a different way and I wanted them to see a different side of me. Maybe like you’re saying, the subdued side. I am definitely tough, like my word, but at the same time I’m very giving and caring and sensitive.

Was it hard coming into the house as the "freshest face," so to speak?
Yes because some of those girls didn’t know my work previous to Top Model, so when they got off and saw that I had actually done previous stuff to Cycle 16, they didn’t know that I had done actual runway work and actual print work. They thought I was just fresh off of Cycle 16 and that I was a new model. They didn’t think I had enough time to even do anything. It was hard trying to relate to them that I had actually done things, like national music videos that are on MTV at least a couple times a day, and surfboard fin ads that are in every surfboard and skateboard shop around the country. So, yes, it was a little hard coming into the house fresh-faced and them not knowing anything about me except for what they saw on Cycle 16, some of them.

Who did you miss the most when you left the house?
I missed the girls that left the house before I did, because it was girls one at time suddenly not being there. But I definitely missed all the girls. I missed Shannon [Stewart], and I missed Lisa [D’Amato]. All of them—Dominique [Reighard] and Allison [Harvard] and Angelea [Preston], for different reasons. They’re like having a bunch of sisters, and all of them having different characteristics that you love, and some of them that you hate but you still love them. But it’s all good because in the real world I’d be able to call them every day if I wanted to.

Do you still talk to any of the other All-Stars?
Oh yeah, all the time. Actually, I talk to some of the girls from Cycle 16. Jaclyn [Poole] just moved here from Texas, to California, and Hannah [Jones] is doing so well in Dallas, and Sara [Longoria] is doing awesome, she just got back from Amsterdam. I talk to a lot of the girls. Monique is [Weingart] is in Huntington Beach, where I actually grew up for a bit. She’s doing really well. Shannon, from Cycle 17, is here with her husband. They moved to LA and they’re doing awesome, and Lisa’s here with her fiancé. I could just keep going on and on about the girls. It’s like having a whole new family.

Would you ever do another ANTM cycle?
Um, no. [Laughs] I’m done. I think two time’s a charm. The cherry’s on top of the sundae. It’s over. It’s time to go back to the real world. I won a fabulous, beautiful Ford Focus that I love and that I’m very thankful for. I also met a whole new group of friends-slash-family, and I’m grateful for them. But I’m good. I’m definitely good.

What’s next for you?
Well, I just did LA Fashion Weekend for Sunset Gower Studios for Fashion Week in LA. That was awesome because I opened eight shows for Mikey Koffman and she had couture swimwear and Betsey Johnson and just a bunch of amazing designers that really blew the weekend off the charts. It was a great experience because it was my first one back and I was waiting for it. I’ve been in the meantime building my book, because of my short haircut, and I have to get an agent. I’ve also been taking acting lessons to see where that takes me.

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