Exclusive: Aria Might Be Kissing Someone Other Than Ezra on Pretty Little Liars Season 2
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Pretty Little Liars

Exclusive: Aria Might Be Kissing Someone Other Than Ezra on Pretty Little Liars Season 2

Today Wetpaint Entertainment had a chance to chat with Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale (Aria) while she was hosting Cosmopolitan Magazine and Maybelline's "Kisses for the Troops" Veterans Day event in New York City.

As Lucy explained to us, the event had "people lined up in Times Square, putting on lipstick and kissing cards." For every card kissed $1 is donated to the USO, and the cards, "which you can write a note on, or anything you like," will then be put into care packages that will be sent overseas.

Since we were on the theme of kisses, we had to ask if Aria will be locking lips with someone other than her vested, professorial true love, Ezra (Ian Harding) during the upcoming second-half of Pretty Little Liars Season 2.

"There's the possibility [that Aria will kiss someone else]," Lucy told us. "Most of her kisses will be going to Ezra. But it's Rosewood, Pennsylvania, and Pretty Little Liars world, and there's always boys rotating in and out, so it's a possibility."

So is this good news or bad news, Ezria fans? It doesn't sound like Aria will be jumping on the Jason (Drew Van Acker) train any time soon, but it's also clear Ezria won't be settling into simple monogamous bliss. Of course, as Lucy says, it's Rosewood. What else do you expect?

What do you think about Lucy's tantalizing hint? Chime in on our Facebook page. Plus, don't miss our second exclusive from Lucy, which should make you Ezria shippers very happy.

For more information about the "Kisses for the Troops" event, including how you can help without being a New Yorker, click here.

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