Exclusive! DWTS\' Tom Bergeron Talks Nancy Grace\'s Nip Slip & Hot New Pro Tristan MacManus
Exclusive! DWTS’ Tom Bergeron Talks Nancy Grace’s Nip Slip & Hot New Pro Tristan MacManus
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Dancing With The Stars

Exclusive! DWTS’ Tom Bergeron Talks Nancy Grace’s Nip Slip & Hot New Pro Tristan MacManus


So far — knock on wood — Dancing With the Stars Season 13 hasn’t been too unlucky for the dancers. However, Week 1 gave host Tom Bergeron a nasty case of laryngitis. “I sounded a bit like Lucy toward the end, with that heavy unfiltered Camel rasp,” Tom told Wetpaint Entertainment in an exclusive interview.

Thankfully Tom’s voice is back to about 80 percent, with the help of some hot tea and honey. And, yeah, Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s weekly butt pinch has been known to have healing properties, so that probably helped too.

Tom talked to Wetpaint about all things DWTS Season 13, including Nancy Grace's nip slip heard 'round the world, Maksim's butt-pinching and how hot newcomer Tristan MacManus poses a threat to Derek Hough and Maks.

So you’re definitely still Tom Bergeron, not Tom Bergeron-Charvet? Are you tempted to add a new name?
I’m thinking of hyphenating. It’s very trendy. Or Metta World Tom or something.

Yeah, Ron Artest’s last name is free now. He traded it.
Yeah. That’s true. I could be the short Ron Artest.

I have to ask — this week you were right there, front and center, for NippleGate. Nancy Grace denies having any kind of a nip slip. What really happened there?
It would be ungentlemanly of me to say anything different than what Nancy believes happened. How’s that for an answer, huh? It kind of gives you the answer with a little bit of a dodge, but not really.

Why did they cut to stock footage of people not clapping? It looked like they were protesting her dance.
Yeah, I know. That I only found out about later. We actually did talk about, for future events — if anything else happens — maybe instead of going to a previously recorded audience to go to something like the Mirror Ball or something that doesn’t have an unintended editorial effect. I think it was just the shot they had and they just went to it. I didn’t see it in the playback myself, but from everything I’ve heard it kind of laid there a bit.

It was like a funeral.
Yeah, exactly.

It’s kind of weird, though. How did Nancy Grace end up the sexpot of the season with those revealing outfits?
Well, who knew? You usually see her in much more conservative clothing on her show. Obviously she wouldn’t dress like Miss Kitty on her show. So you just never know when you start uncovering people and spray tanning them.

She and a new pro Tristan MacManus have a wonderful odd couple chemistry and they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. Do you think they could be the new Kirstie and Maks?
Well, it could be. Tristan, of course, was part of our original troupe last season and he impressed everybody that he moved up to the pro ranks. This season he’s just a real good match with Nancy, I think, and has been wonderful in calming her nerves throughout.

Actually, we had a hottest pro poll and Tristan crushed even Maks and Derek Hough. So he’s very popular out there.
Uh oh. Do Maks and Derek know yet?

I don’t know! But Maks has you, doesn’t he? He gave you a kiss on the cheek on Week 1 and then he went back to pinching your butt.
Yeah, but you know, he’s just — it’s never going to go anywhere, Maks! I’ve diagnosed him as being obsessive-compulsive.

I think he really wanted to pick you at the end of The Bachelor: Ukraine and that’s what this is about.
You think so? I just don’t want that Tristan information to get out and see Maks and Derek taking a swan dive from the third new balcony.

Well, Maks has Carson Kressley this season and Derek has Ricki Lake, so everybody has somebody has somebody who is swooning over them.
That’s true.

Have you gotten to know the pros pretty well over the years or do you kind of do your thing and they do their thing?
It’s sort of a combination of yes to both parts of that. They definitely — they travel in a pack, but they also are much younger and more into going out late at night and I’m more interested in REM sleep. But yes we have gotten to know each other and we’re all very tight in that regard.

Is there one pro you’ve become closest friends with?
Well, a number of them. Yeah. I don’t want to make anybody feel bad by mentioning a couple names and leaving others out because, you know, I think the Tristan thing is going to hit a couple of them hard enough.

Want more Tom? Check back at Wetpaint Entertainment tomorrow for the second part of our exclusive interview where he talks about Chaz Bono, Elisabetta Canalis and future theme weeks.