Exclusive! Fright Night’s Grace Phipps Rips Twilight, Talks Chloe King Season 2
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Exclusive! Fright Night’s Grace Phipps Rips Twilight, Talks Chloe King Season 2

After this season’s shocking finale of The Nine Lives of Chloe King, the folks at ABC Family will have a lot of explaining to do if they decide not to bring the show back and answer the million questions raised. Did Zane (Daniel Sharman) really murder Jasmine (Alyssa Diaz) and Valentina (Alicia Coppola)? Did that kiss between Chloe and Brian (Grey Damon) really kill the poor guy? Will we ever know?!

In the meantime, we caught up with Grace Phipps, who plays Chloe’s (Skyler Samuel) best friend, Amy, on the show. In our exclusive Wetpaint Entertainment interview, Grace weighs in on all the burning questions, as well as her role in the remake of Fright Night — plus why Buffy the Vampire Slayer will forever kick Twilight’s butt.

Wetpaint Entertainment: When will we find out if Nine Lives is coming back?
Grace Phipps: Any time between now and January. I’m hoping they’ll tell us sooner, and I suspect that they will, but that’s all the information I know of. [Laughing] I wish I could tell you more.

Are you Team Alek (Benjamin Stone) or Team Brian?
Oh, well, I started out Team Alek but now after seeing everything I think I might be Team Brian. He’s just so sweet, and it’s partly because of his unattainable thing, but I think he’s really sweet.

Do you think he’s really dead?
Um… That’s a very good question, and I’ve been asking. Like, whenever I see anybody, any of the directors or the writers, I’m like, "Sooo..." and I try to get information. But I don’t know. They’re all trying to keep it a secret.

What about Jasmine and Valentina?
I really don’t have any information about what’s going to happen because none of it is written.

Brother vs. brother (if they really are), who’d kill who: Alek or Zane?
Oh, I think Alek could take Zane. With all the adrenaline coursing through his body after seeing Zane hurt his family, there's no way.

What do you think was the most shocking thing about the finale?
Zane turning. I love the way it was shot. My jaw was dropped the entire time during that scene.

Which of Chloe’s ancient, cat-like Mai superpowers would you most like to have?
Her ability to run and jump fast.

Have you hung out with any of your cast-mates since shooting wrapped?
Oh, yeah. I mean, I saw everybody at the TCAs, but beyond that Ki Hong Lee and I hung out and have gotten Korean fried chicken in K-Town.

Exclusive! Fright Night’s Grace Phipps Rips Twilight, Talks Chloe King Season 2
Credit: Adam Rose/ABC Family Channel © 2011 Disney ABC Television Group    

What do you want to see happen for Amy and Chloe if you get another season?
If we come back, there’s gonna be a lot of damage control. And it would need to happen pretty immediately.

You play the leading lady’s best friend in Fright Night as well. What can you tell us about your character, Bee?
The purpose of Bee is that — I don’t know if you saw the original, but the leading lady, Amy [Imogen Poots], doesn’t really have a backstory, and all the male characters do. And so I think when Marti Noxon wrote it she wanted for Amy to have a back-life that really deepens her story a lot. So seeing them in high school and seeing all that goes on creates a lot of suspense for the vampire scenes.

Speaking of Marti Noxon, she wrote a lot of episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Are you a fan?
Oh. my God. Am I a Buffy fan?! Buffy on DVD got me through middle school. When I auditioned for Fright Night and I was in a room with Marti, it was really hard for me to not have a panic attack. I was just like, “Oh my God, she wrote for Buffy!” It was really crazy to be able to be around her.

What was she like to work with?
She was really professional. And I think what she did in Fright Night is so brilliant. It really takes back — it reclaims vampires as monsters, which I think is something that really needed to happen in our culture. Since Buffy, vampires have become kind of softer and gushier instead of, you know, man-eating monsters. This is a nice little reminder that vampires are monsters, and they don’t always look pretty.

So we take it you’re not a huge fan of the Twilight saga?
I like my monsters to be monsters.

Will Buffy fans want to watch this over and over and pick it apart frame by frame, pun by pun?
I hope so. I mean, it even has references to "Scoobies," and it has the same great quality where I think action and fighting is such a great vessel for comedic lines. In every high-stakes fighting situation, you have all this great banter going on, which is very Buffy-esque.

One last question: Spike or Angel?
Oh, god, Spike! Are you kidding me?

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