Exclusive — Jaleel White Discusses Emotional Appearance on Hollywood Medium: It Was Unbelievable!
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Exclusive — Jaleel White Discusses Emotional Appearance on Hollywood Medium: It Was Unbelievable!


Jaleel White made headlines this week after appearing on popular series, Hollywood Medium, hosted by Tyler Henry.

In this exclusive interview with Wetpaint, the former child star opens up on the emotional experience, why he was so skeptical and his initial thoughts on reconnecting with a fallen costar.


Jaleel, best known for his iconic role as Steven Q. Urkel on 1990s sitcom Family Matters, admits he was hesitant to go on the controversial show, only convinced after a thorough discussion with his manager.   


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“I had never even heard of the show. My manager Chris was like, ‘I want you to do this.’

“When I heard more about it, I thought it was just typical reality stuff so I was very reticent, I didn’t want to do it.”


In the end, however, management convinced the hilarious star to give it a shot.

“Chris said if I go he’d go because he wanted to meet the guy [Tyler Henry] anyway.


jaleel white
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“That’s why I’m not sitting there with a girlfriend or a mom like everyone else, I went with my manager.

“He had to walk me in there.”


Unlike most celebs before him on the series, the 40-year-old father actually questioned Tyler’s gift to his face, asking if he really just Googled celebrity clients beforehand.


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Fans often ask the same question when watching the series.

“I’ve been in this business a long time, and I try to stay as authentic as possible. I know I’m not the only person who thought that was a possibility.


“I really went in completely blind. I didn’t know who he was and he didn’t know anything about me beforehand.”


Yes, Tyler claimed he didn’t know anything about the star, which surely sent several eyes rolling.  

Jaleel clarifies, saying that while Tyler technically knew who he was, he just didn’t recognize him as the cheese loving nerd we’ve come to know since the late 80s.


“When he said he didn’t know me, he meant he didn’t recognize me as being Steve Urkel, which was fine with me! ”


The Me, Myself & I star says he faintly recognized some of the spirits in the room, but broke down when he realized deceased Family Matters costar Michelle Thomas was reaching out to him.


“I probably could’ve guessed some of the people he was talking about early in the conversation, but when he got all the way down to E-L-L-E, I thought ‘this is unbelievable.’”


The funny man has no regrets after appearing on the show and is actually surprised the emotional moment would catch everyone’s attention.  


jaleel white

“I had no idea the episode would blow up the way it did. No clue at all.”