Exclusive! Kathy Wakile’s Sister Rosie Pierri Is “Blown Away” by Real Housewives of New Jersey Fan Reception
Exclusive! Kathy Wakile’s Sister Rosie Pierri Is “Blown Away” by Real Housewives of New Jersey Fan Reception
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Exclusive! Kathy Wakile’s Sister Rosie Pierri Is “Blown Away” by Real Housewives of New Jersey Fan Reception


If you’ve been watching this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey, then you’ve had a front-row seat for all the Giudice-Gorga-Wakile family dramz.

During last week’s episode, Kathy Wakile and Teresa Giudice finally hugged it out while Kathy’s sister (and fan favorite) Rosie Pierri watched from the sidelines. Has this family feud finally come to an end?

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Rosie last night at our one-year anniversary celebration in New York City where she teased what’s in store for Season 4 and dished on becoming an overnight RHONJ sensation!

Wetpaint Entertainment: You’ve appeared on a number of episodes during Season 3, but are you appearing more on Season 4?

Rosie Pierri: Yeah, I’ll be appearing more during Season 4. Definitely.

Are you surprised by the audience’s response to your appearance?

I was blown away.

Has Andy Cohen personally reached out to you about becoming a bigger part of the show?

Next season, you’ll see, I’ll be appearing — doing some things with [Kathy]. Telling a good story. [There’s some] very heartfelt stuff coming up that means a lot to me and my family.

Is there any possibility of you becoming a series regular on Season 5?

I don’t know. I mean, I’m really not a housewife. I don’t really fit that role. I mean, I go to work everyday. I’m a working slob! [laughs] No, they all work, too! I’m not married, I don’t have any children, so I don’t really fit that role of a housewife.

Will I be on the show? Will I be making some appearances? If they want me, I absolutely will! I’m a big part of my sister’s life, and her kids, and her husband. We’re very, very close. Her kids are like my kids.

What did you think when Kathy said she was going to be joining the show?

I was right behind her all the way. I said, ‘Kath, you know what? Go for it! You’re the real deal housewife.’ She does it all — from clubbing, to cooking, to doing her hair, to doing everything. She’s everything.

So, when I [heard] they wanted to make [her] a housewife, I said, ‘what better representation of a housewife than my sister?’ — and that’s the God’s honest truth.

She’s a wonderful, loving, caring mother, and a beautiful wife, a great sister. She’s just totally awesome.

You knew Melissa and Teresa already — being a part of the family — but did you know Caroline and Jacqueline before you did the show?

I did not. I just met them. They’re wonderful people. I really love Caroline. She’s just a straight-up kind of person, just like I am. She calls it like she sees it. There’s no bullshit with her, and that’s what I like about her. ‘Cause I’m the same way.

And I met Jacqueline. She’s a sweetheart — a kind, loving person, and an unbelievable woman. I instantly liked them, and same with them for me. We just kind of connected.

They’re just great people. They’re about family. Their family comes first. That’s what I believe in. So, we have that in common. And we’ve had all our [family] events, all our most memorable times were spent at the Brownstone.

When I met them, it was like, ‘wow, this is who’s behind making our lives [a] good time.’

How does it feel watching your family on a television show?

In the beginning, it’s a little weird. I look at them and they look like themselves. When I saw myself on TV, I was like, ‘Oh my God, you look horrible!’ You know what I mean? I think that’s everyone’s reaction when they first see themselves on the screen.

I’m fine with it. I didn’t think anything. I never really watched the show until my sister became a housewife, and then I said I gotta watch it. I can’t miss one episode!