Exclusive! Revenge Star Ashley Madekwe Spills What’s to Come in Season 1
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Exclusive! Revenge Star Ashley Madekwe Spills What’s to Come in Season 1

British actress Ashley Madekwe is a quadruple threat: actress, model, trained dancer, and fashion blogger. We caught up with the talented Ashley to chat about her Revenge character, also named Ashley (Davenport), and what we can expect in the coming episodes of ABC’s breakout show.

Ashley Davenport is a doe-eyed gazelle of a character, strutting sweetly around The Hamptons in heels while ulterior motives swirl around her. She’s the unassuming best friend of vindictive protagonist Emily Thorne, willing docent for the Graysons’ event planning needs, and lovestruck girlfriend of super villain Tyler Barrol. Seemingly the only character without an agenda, Ashley is a bright light of optimism and grace in a world where nothing is what it seems.

Ashley explains that her character is “quite innocent at the moment,” adding: “She’s not rich, she’s not from a wealthy family. She’s just a poor girl trying to make a go of things.” Asked to describe her friendship with Emily, Ashley says: “I think it’s a very genuine friendship, because Ashley knows absolutely nothing about Emily’s plan, so from Ashley’s point of view, they are really friends.”

But what about the conniving Emily Thorne? Is Ashley truly her Best Friend Forever or just her Best Friend For Now? Ashley coyly confides that there might be some sinister motives there: “I don’t know how much Emily genuinely loves [Ashley].”

Exclusive! Revenge Star Ashley Madekwe Spills What’s to Come in Season 1
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As we saw in Season 1, Episode 4: “Duplicity,” Emily has no qualms about using Ashley’s access to the Graysons to exact her revenge. But Emily’s not the only one who will use Ashley as a pawn; in the coming episodes, we just might see Victoria Grayson gauge her for info. Ashley teases: “We see Victoria using Ashley to get information about Emily.”

The pawn will soon wise up, Ashley says: “She starts to realize that everyone has an agenda, because Tyler is so, I mean nothing really gets by him, and I think she starts to open her eyes to what everyone else is like.”

Despite her innocence, Ashley is no shrinking violet. Arguably the most stylish character on the show, Ashley is ironically dressed to kill in every episode. When asked what her favorite thing has been to wear on the show, Ashley gushes: “It would be that Alaia dress from Episode 10.” Spoiler alert: an orange Alaia is coming our way next week!

And about those ever-present high heels, the 5’8” star says: “I make no concessions for short men.”

Check out Ashley’s fashion blog for more style inspiration. The girl can vogue.

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