Exclusive: Sasha Farber on Tristan MacManus and Life as a DWTS Troupe Member
Exclusive: Sasha Farber on Tristan MacManus and Life as a DWTS Troupe Member
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Dancing With The Stars

Exclusive: Sasha Farber on Tristan MacManus and Life as a DWTS Troupe Member


Dancing With the Stars troupe member Sasha Farber may be a troupe newbie in Season 13, but he's quickly won our hearts with his cute Aussie accent and amazing dance moves. So we were naturally excited to get a chance to chat with him about Dancing With the Stars, how the trope works, and our obsession favorite new pro, Tristan MacManus.

Check back on Monday for Part 2 of this interview, where Sasha talks romance rumors, cast bonding, and working with the stars.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How has the Dancing With the Stars experience been so far?
Sasha Farber: It's been awesome. The people, the celebrities, the cast. It's just been so much fun. I think even the people that you don't see on TV, like the producers, and the camera people — everyone works so hard to get the product out here, and they're doing an awesome job, and everyone's just so nice.

You were on the Australian version of DWTS. How does that compare to the American version?
I don't know, I think it's weird to say. They're the same in a way, but the American version is just on a different level, I guess. The pros are so amazing. I was on [the Australian version] as a pro, and we didn't have a troupe, so the troupe is kind of new to me. I think it gives you a chance to be seen. America can see what you do. There's so many different characters on the show, and it's awesome that people get to see that. And it gives us a bit of insight into everything.

Are you hoping to move up to being a competing pro in America?
That would be my dream come true.

How does that process work — how do people move from troupe to pro?
I think it's a mysterious thing, which is good in a way because I love surprises. I think it all depends on the celebrities they have. It's a long process, to find the celebrity and match the dancer to the celebrity. So there's a procedure. I've been friends with Tristan [MacManus] and Peta [Murgatroyd] for such a long time — I knew them before the show. Peta's actually Australian too, and all three of us were in the same show for a while, called Burn the Floor.

Tristan has really captured the heart of America. As someone who knows him, why do you think that is?
I think it's the accent! [Laughs] And he's always been a bit of a James Dean fan, so I think he's channelling that character. He's just such a nice guy, I don't think there's anyone out there in the world who doesn't like Tristan.

On the flip side of that, two of the new pros, Peta and Val Chmerkovskiy, were eliminated in the first two weeks. Do you think they were at a disadvantage because they were new?
I think it's just luck really. It's unfortunate that those two were out so quickly because they're such great dancers and such great assets to the show. I think it was just coincidence that that happened.

Was there any jealousy in the troupe that Tristan and Peta were chosen to be competing pros this season?
I think Tristan and Peta deserve to be there, they're both great dancers, and it's not like they came from nowhere. They stated off in the troupe first and did their hard work and got America to have a look at what their dancing is like. And, as you said, everyone loves Tristan, which is true, and he is awesome, so clearly the right decision was made.

Do you have a favorite DWTS memory so far?
I think my favorite memory is the first week. I think that was kind of a wake-up call to say, “Wow, this is really, really happening.” Dancing for 20 million viewers at home. I've done Broadway, and I've done West End, but this was pretty cool.

As big fans of the Olympics, we have to ask: What was it like to perform during the 2000 Sydney Olympics Closing Ceremony?
It's actually quite funny. I did the closing ceremony as one of the main dancers, and the main person in the opening and closing ceremony was a girl called Nikki Webster. She was the girl who did the flying and singing, and she kind of got really, really big, and released an album and this and that. And then a couple of years later she was my celebrity on Dancing With the Stars [Australia]. And then we dated each other for two years after that. That was a while ago. We're not together now, but we're still good friends. And every time I think about the Olympics I'm like, wow, that was pretty funny.

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