Exclusive: Tony Dovolani Reveals Who He’s Rooting For on DWTS Season 13
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Dancing With The Stars

Exclusive: Tony Dovolani Reveals Who He’s Rooting For on DWTS Season 13

We were lucky enough to chat with Dancing With the Stars pro Tony Dovolani at last night’s Dance With Me showcase in New York City. After his and Chynna Phillips’ surprising elimination from Season 13 during Week 4, the pro with the most rhythm has been back on the show to perform many times. But it was his return to New York this weekend that put him back in a smiling mood.

We chatted with Tony about his favorite to win this season, how he spent his Halloween weekend, and why he introduces himself to his female partners’ significant others right away.

Who’s your favorite to win?

I think J.R. Martinez has all the making of becoming a champion in this season. He’s dancing well, he’s very interesting, he’s kind of like the type of person that you want to root for.

Are you excited to be back in New York?

I’m very excited to be back in New York. I didn’t expect snow! But you know, my kids and I made a snowman, our first snowman, this week. So it was great.

What’s your advice for the remaining contestants?

I think the advice for all the remaining people, there’s only one winner every season. So if you have fun and you enjoy yourself then you’ll definitely feel like a winner. Really, nobody loses. If you get invited to Dancing With the Stars then you’re a winner, already. Enjoy the ride, enjoy every part of it because it goes away and you can never get it back.

Do you think the judges have been especially harsh this year?

I think the judges have been very interesting every season. But the best way to put it is that the judges give their opinions and they encourage us to give our opinions too, it’s just that sometimes those opinions don’t match.

Have you ever had to deal with jealous husbands/boyfriends?

It is sexy but at the same time I introduce myself right away to the husband or to the boyfriend and they see that I’m a goofball and they see that I truly treat this like an art form and that’s what it is. Ballroom dancing is an art form you know, yes we’d like to romanticize it on TV, but truth of the matter is every dance group that exists, it’s very rare that the teacher and the dancer wind up together.

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