Exclusive! Why Did Pretty Little Liars Cut the Word Facebook From Episode 21?
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Exclusive! Why Did Pretty Little Liars Cut the Word Facebook From Episode 21?

We basically live on Facebook (oops, didn't mean to admit that so publicly). So when Aria (Lucy Hale) was snooping around accidentally stumbling upon Ezra (Ian Harding)'s "website page" on PLL Season 1, Episode 21, "Monsters in the End," we were confused about the design of the site and why she didn't just say it was Facebook. C'mon now — we highly doubt Ezra is on some second-rate social network. (Is Friendster still around?)

In case you missed it (because ABC Family really wanted you to miss it!) — when Aria is telling the other little liars about checking out Ezra's profile pics, Lucy Hale's lips say "Facebook" but the words "website page" are dubbed over her voice. It happens twice in the episode: once when she's with the girls, and the second time when she's confronting Ezra about his ex at his apartment. We were so curious about ABC Family's intentional dubbing of the word "Facebook" that we went to executive producer Marlene King for answers.

She claimed that the dubbing order came from ABC Family’s Legal Department. "I don’t know that it’s not legal to say 'Facebook,' but for them, they didn’t want us to use the term," Marlene tells Ian Spiegelman for Wetpaint exclusively. "So we just went with a more generic [term]." You mean "website page"? Since when do high schoolers say "website page"? Maybe "website" or "profile page," but not "website page." Just sayin'.

Whatever the social networking lingo is these days, we just wish we could be friends with Mr. Fitz on Facebook. But we may have to settle for Twitter since Ian Harding just joined!


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