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Exclusive! William Holman on the Infamous Bachelorette Roast and Why ABC Fell Out of Love With Him on Bachelor Pad 2

William Holman may forever be known as the funny and adorable man who “married” Ashley Hebert on their first date in Vegas on Season 7 of The Bachelorette. Okay, more likely as the guy that (in)famously roasted Ashley, made her cry, and fell out of favor with many of his fans. But the criticisms on Will’s well-intentioned (yet ill-received) jokes would not last forever. He easily charmed his way back into our hearts on Bachelor Pad Season 2 with his laid-back and earnest demeanor. We were only sad that there wasn’t more of him on the show.

So you can imagine our thrill when, after begging asking him to chat with us, he was over the moon. “This is the first time anyone has wanted to talk to me. I’m ecstatic!” In this first segment of Wetpaint’s exclusive interview, find out what’s in store for Bill, why he went on Bachelor Pad 2, and what his love life has been like post-Bachelorette.

Exclusive! William Holman on the Infamous Bachelorette Roast and Why ABC Fell Out of Love With Him on Bachelor Pad 2
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Wetpaint Entertainment: Are you still in Ohio, working at the Sprint store?

William Holman: Still in Ohio. I just quit working at Sprint about a week and a half ago.

Oh, wow! Congratulations, we think?
Yeah! Nobody can joke at me for selling phones any more! I did enjoy it but I’ve got so much going on right now that it was just too much. I didn’t have any more personal time to take off. And even though they’d love to keep me on, it’s not fair to other associates for me to just get so much time off and have them be that lenient with me.

Makes sense! So what’s up next for you?
I’ve been trying to get in to voice-over work. Well, that’s always been my dream, and this sounds kind of silly but I’ve always wanted to be the voice in cartoons. I always thought it would be cool if I could do something like that. Then when I have kids, they’ll grow up and be like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s my dad’s voice!’

That would be so cool! Do you have any cartoons lined up or anything you’re working on?
Nothing lined up at the moment. I’ve got to get a demo reel put together. I used to work for a radio station up in South Bend and I was thinking about making the trip back up there to Indiana and putting a reel together, but I think that i might be able to get some help elsewhere. I fly in to New York [this] week and think I might be able to get something taken care of.

So, unless it’s a new project, what would be your favorite cartoon or ideal project that you’d like to have your voice attached to?
Honestly, any Pixar movie would be absolutely amazing. But if I have to start out by doing TV shows, I mean, I remember watching cartoons on Saturday morning as a kid growing up and it was always cool. I just always thought it would be awesome to be that voice. It could be anything to start out with, though.

Have you done any stand-up? Or any plans to do anything with comedy?
I don’t have any plans for it... There’s a lot of funny comedians, and a lot of great talent already out there, and it’s tough for me to say ‘I’m going to be the guy who gets in to the spotlight and I can win everybody over.’ There’s so much talent that’s out there. And I’d rather be the person working behind the scenes with somebody else because I like to be the funny guy in the room, but when it comes to the stage, I get scared. It’s so scary to get up there on stage. My nerves take over!

Did you have any of those nerves on Bachelor Pad or Bachelorette, with the cameras being there constantly — or were you able to tune it out?
I was able to tune it out. I mean, even from the beginning, with some of the other guys I was in the limo with. They were shaking before they even got out to meet Ashley. But honestly, going through the process that I’ve been going through from October of 2010 to January — by the time I finally got the contract and acceptance call, I got to meet so many people and got to be in front of the camera, so I got used to it. But, if you’re going to be going on a reality show and you’re going to be that nervous... I mean, you have to be prepared for those cameras and tune them out. I wasn’t going to take acting classes — I mean, there were some people who did.

So, let’s talk about Ashley’s roast... Not to beat a dead horse, but do you think you were accurately portrayed in the edit of that segment?
The thing that wasn’t accurate was that everyone in the crowd was doing their gasp or their laugh at the same time. But you know, Jeffrey Ross walked around all of the tables and gave people jokes to say. I told him no. I said ‘I’ve got my own material, I don’t need yours.’ Maybe that’s where I went wrong and what went bad with it. But honestly, I took it to a different level. But for a show that is on ABC and for a girl that you're potentially trying to be involved with and maybe be married to in the future — I didn’t think of the full outcome. My intelligence was not there. I just thought, ‘This is such a cool thing to do, I’m so nervous, how do I make sure that people are going to be like, ‘Remember him on stage.’’ It wasn’t for the camera, it was for the people in the room. I didn’t put too much thought into it, I was just going to go out there. It was ugly, but, [laughs]...

Do you think the whole roast thing had anything to do with why you were in so little of Bachelor Pad 2?
If anything, I think they thought I was kind of going to be like a loose cannon for Bachelor Pad. And because I wasn’t a loose cannon and didn’t — I wouldn’t say ‘give them what they want’ — but, because I wasn’t that person, I think maybe they were upset with that. And it was like, ‘Everything that this guy does is always a joke, and yes, it’s funny. But for what we’re trying to cover, and what we want the viewers to be engaged in, what he is doing doesn’t pertain to it.’ That would be a great laugh every once in a while during the show, but it wouldn’t be something — it just didn’t go along with the story line.

Not that I wish that I was any different from how I was on the show. I just wish they would have showed more of the jokes. I mean, the night before I left the house was pretty bad because I gave myself a concussion and had to go to the hospital.

Exclusive! William Holman on the Infamous Bachelorette Roast and Why ABC Fell Out of Love With Him on Bachelor Pad 2
Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

How did that happen?
It’s probably, from what all the producers tell me, one of the funniest reels they’ve ever seen. They died laughing over it. It’s in their own little personal collection now, I think. Basically, I was doing some interviews. And I was talking about Blake and Melissa making out, and I was cracking some jokes and was like, ‘Why did we get rid of some of the most attractive girls in the beginning,’ and ‘How could we get rid of Gia?’ Every time I said something, I would slip back in the chair, and it was just, after like 10 takes, I ended up flipping back and then I just stayed on the ground. I knocked myself out and the only thing I kept saying was, ‘I want to win an Emmy.’ I couldn’t believe it. Me and some of the producers were at the hospital for so long that night. The doctors just ended up prescribing me some Vicodin.

I actually didn’t even want to do Bachelor Pad, by the way. I mean, I’m thankful now, because I’ve met some really awesome guys. But the only reason I did Bachelor Pad was because Bachelorette was only two weeks in and on the third week, which was the roast episode, I would have been gone on a flight for it. And I was like, I will definitely take that opportunity, just so I don’t have to be in Columbus [Ohio] when the episode airs.

I totally avoided it. And I didn’t think the rest of the cast [of BP] was going to get to see the roast, but as soon as I walked into the room everybody had just finished watching the episode. So everyone was like, ‘Ohhh yeah look at you. The roast guy!’

As far as Bachelor Pad, we have to ask the question: Are you Team Jake or Team Vienna and Kasey... or is there even a team to be on?
[Laughs] Uh, I would say there isn’t even a team to be on. I would hate to choose sides in that. For what everyone gets to see on TV, that’s us. Whether we’re edited or not, or it’s taken out of context or not, that’s us. It’s not like it was CGI or anything like that. But for who Jake is, he’s a cool guy. But as far as calling him up on a Friday night, getting a drink, and hanging out, I just don’t see us hanging out in the future. That might sound rude, but he’s in a different spot in his life, and he’s got different things going on. And then you’ve got like, Kasey. Kasey’s a great guy, and he’s at a different place in life, too. He’s down in L.A., and Jake’s in Dallas. So really, how often am I going to see these guys? No separate team. In the house, whenever the cameras came rolling onto Jake or Kasey, I was like ‘Oh! I gotta go in the next room.’

Exclusive! William Holman on the Infamous Bachelorette Roast and Why ABC Fell Out of Love With Him on Bachelor Pad 2
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So you said Kasey’s in L.A... Jake is in Dallas... Do YOU have any plans to move?
I’m always the kind of guy that likes to go against the grain. And it seems like whenever somebody does a reality show, they feel Hollywood. They feel like it’s time to get out and be this huge person. The great thing about doing reality show for me was that people got to see who I am.. and just the regular me. And for me to go off and try to be all Hollywood, I don’t think that fits my persona. I can see myself moving to NY because my little sister and my mom live up in Massachusetts and it would be a closer drive. Or I could see myself moving down to Tampa because my older sister lives there with my nephew. As far as Hollywood, unless I got big into the voice-over stuff and they needed me out there, I could see myself doing it that way. But I want to stay true to my fans, who, the reason they like me is because I’m the “Midwestern Boy.” That’s who I am.

Has being on Bachelorette or Bachelor Pad done anything for your love life? Do you have any crazy dating stories, or stories of girls beating down your door now?
Girls only knock on the doors of Twitter and Facebook. I mean, it’s kind of sad in a way, but the last date that I’ve been on was my 2-on-1 date in Thailand with Ben C. and Ashley. I’m not even joking. I didn’t even get a date on Bachelor Pad.

Are you looking for love?
Yeah, I am! I just think that right now is such a crazy time. If I found somebody right now, um, they would be going through a lot too, with just the attention of the show. I don’t think it’s fair to put anybody through something like that. It can be difficult to give 100%. And I’m trying to possibly move to wherever I feel comfortable with the voice-over work. I think that somebody would get upset and they would feel like they’re losing me...

Is anyone else swooning? Don't forget to check back for more from our exclusive interview from William — including his thoughts on fellow Season 7 contestant Ben Flajnik's new gig as The Bachelor.

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