Exclusive: Would Bachelor 16’s Jenna Burke Do Bachelor Pad 3?
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Exclusive: Would Bachelor 16’s Jenna Burke Do Bachelor Pad 3?

You never know who you’re going to meet in the ladies’ room! At a recent party for New York Fashion Week, we bumped into Bachelor Season 16 alum Jenna Burke while powdering our nose. When we headed back into the bash, Jenna filled us in on what she’s doing these days and, more importantly, how she feels about her... memorable portrayal on the show. We were impressed with her candor – and her ability to look back at the experience as a valuable life lesson.

Looking back, how do feel about your time on the show?

Well, let’s put it this way: I was not meant for that situation. As much as I think that Ben [Flajnik] and I would have been a perfect match, timing is everything. If the timing isn’t right, it can blow up in your face.

Why do you think the timing was bad?
I was just out of a relationship. And when that happens, you really just need to focus on yourself. And when you’re not happy, you’re not going to be able to make someone else happy.

So you were kind of still hung up on an ex when you went on the show?
I was still holding onto feelings from my last relationship, yes. I was trying to move on, but it was tough. I thought, as most people do, I could get over him by meeting someone else. I thought I was ready. But I wasn’t. And I didn’t realize until I was actually there on set and filming…I was like, okay, I’m not ready for this.

As much as I wanted things to work out with Ben, my emotions were fighting it. And as everyone saw, it didn’t go so well.

Exclusive: Would Bachelor 16’s Jenna Burke Do Bachelor Pad 3?
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Do you regret doing the show?
No. No regrets. I think the show was actually a good thing. Doing it finally helped me let go of the past. It helped me realize what I really want in life.

The Women Tell All show is taping soon. Will you be there?
Absolutely. I love those girls! I have nothing to be ashamed of. I’m happy I did it. I came out of it a totally different person than when I went in. I’m more confident and I’m happier. No regrets!

Would you ever consider doing Bachelor Pad?
Oh, I don’t know. I’m really not thinking that far ahead. But you never know, we’ll see…one thing at a time!

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