Teen Mom Exec Defends Show: “There’s Nothing Glamorous About Being a Teen Parent”
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Teen Mom Exec Defends Show: “There’s Nothing Glamorous About Being a Teen Parent”

Teen Mom is a dramatic roller coaster ride full of thrills, chills, and Uggs, but most importantly it teaches a valuable lesson about safe sex to impressionable youngsters.The US of A's declining teen pregnancy rate, however, hasn't stopped critics from claiming the that Teen Mom franchise "glamorizes" the lives of its starlets — a theory that MTV development executive, Lauren Dolgen, finds ridiculous.

"I don't think we glamorize it at all in the show," Lauren tells MediaBistro. "It is a very true, very real portrayal of what these girls are going through and how challenging it is to be a teen mom. And I think if you watch the show you realize there's nothing glamorous about being a teen parent...I say bring on the criticism, because we are actually dealing with it in a very real way, and at least it's being talked about and discussed now."

Lauren says she created Teen Mom after learning that 750k girls get pregnant every year in the United States, and she's been a mission to bring that number down ever since.

"We have a lot of contraception guides that we do; we have a lot of extra stuff on It'sYourSexLife.com and on the MTV website that is a resource for our audience to gain education," she explains.Of course, the fact that the Teen Mom ladies aren't glamorizing pregnancy doesn't mean they aren't famous.

“You know, I feel for some of the girls and the kind of attention that they get," Lauren says. "A lot of these girls did not get into this — I would say most of them did not get into this — to be TV stars … I do feel for some of them that are portrayed in a negative light, and I think it's always hard for someone to put themselves out there on television [and] to accept the criticisms and all that comes with having the attention on them."

Hmmm, why do we have the feeling Lauren's talking about Jenelle Evans? This gal has been in the spotlight non-stop since becoming a Teen Mom 2 star, which hasn't been easy on her.

Do you think the Teen Mom franchise glamorizes teen pregnancy? Head to the comments and dish your thoughts!

Source: MediaBistro

06.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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